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Nov 2, 2014
Hi all, i have a DM-24 with eprom totally corrupted (written over 100000 times). I talked with taskam but they are no logner providing the replacement eproms.
My idea to solve this problem is to buy blank eproms and write the firmware with an eprom programer. Does somebody has the eprom files?
Did someone put the original eproms on a programer an did a back-up of them?

Using the midi files to reconstruct the files in the programer language is very complex and i'm not sure if this files contains the entire software or just the updated parts.

Thank you very much.
Omar from Argentina.
Hi RedBus, thank you again for the material. I want to ask you if the .mot file format could be directly recorded or if it is neccesary to make some convertion or padding.

Thank you very much.
As i can see the .mot files contains 24 bit sectors, but the 29f800 memory can work with 8, 16, 32 o 64 bit sectors. Maybe i'm wrong.
No swapping / padding or conversion required.
Aany ROM writer should be able to read the files fine.
When i try to load the files in the programer software i get constant crashes. I tried with the firmware file of the TM-D800 and it worked fine. So i don't know why the DM-24 files don't get loaded properly. I saw that the DM-24 files has no header and the size of the rows is 24. I try to load them as a motorola S-record file.
If i load them as a HEX file or binary it get corrupted.
The only way that i found to load the files in the programer was by performing a MOT2BIN convertion. So when i load it i get al the information fine but the lines are truncated in a half. This is my output file. I don't know if this could work or not.


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Thank you very much RedBus, in the past days i've researching about this topic and had converted the files to BIN with the script MOT2BIN.exe that is easily found on the web . So next week i'm going to burn the eproms and try them.

Thank you!
If it helps, I have bought the eprom programmer and the adapter, and I have the 2.10 and 3.0 BIN files for both 3 chips. I can burn your chips for the guys living in France and in Europe.
BTW that's why you must not clear the flash counter in the diagnostics... :D
Hi Berl, thank you for the offer, since i am in Argentina i think that it could not be possibly to burn my chips. But i'm interested in the 3.0 BIN files.
Last year I've bought a TASCAM DM-24 for my band. After several times of use, it started to show an error code: PICTURE NR.1. I've pressed the ENTER, it functioned without any problems. After that I got another error code: FATAL ERROR 00-00000009-01 and FATAL ERROR 00-00000004-00.
I've bought new EPROMS, I've replaced them, but still appears the FATAL ERROR 00-0000004-00.
Do you have any proposal, what shall I do?
Thank for your help!

All best,


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