DM-24 with a 2488 Neo


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Nov 10, 2012
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2488 Neo
I have a 2488Neo and am considering buying a DM-24. Would there be any benefit in using it with my 2488? Would the automated faders sync with the 2488 fader settings? The DM-24 looks pretty cool and I can get it for a pretty good price but just trying to figure out if and how I could use it. There is no FW card installed.
Personally, I would sell the Neo. Use the cash towards a new mic, preamp or DAW software that you'll need and only buy the DM-24 if you can find a FW card for it. If not, save up for a DM3200. I went the route of trying to justify keeping older gear and integrating it when I first got my DM3200. It resulted in an awkward workflow and inferior sound when all was said and done.
Sell the Neo? I just bought it and like it alot. The only reason I had considered the DM-24, cause it was listed at a good price and I was just looking for an excuse to buy it. I decided not to anyhow. The DM3200 looks pretty sweet though.

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