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Jan 1, 2015
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Hello Guys. I bought an Avid Pre to expand my DM 3200. The Avid Pre has 8 Mic Preamps and the output of the unit is made by a DB-25 connector.
I'm connecting the unit to Tascam Dm 3200 TDIF-1 Port using a DBK 315 DB-25 to DB-25 Male cable.
I tried setting the routing of the inputs so that channels 25 to 32 would receive the signal from TDIF-1 (1-8).
Everything is working in the Avid Pre, everything lights up correctly, the meter on the AVID Pre lights up whenever there is a signal going through the mic, but the DM 3200 is not receiving any signal at all.
I'm I missing something in routing the signal path, I'm using the wrong cable??? Can someone help me???Thanks a lot guys!
I personally think you need an analog card. The TDIF spec is TDIF to TDIF, not TDIF to analog. As far as I know, but I could be wrong.
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Jamsire is correct. The DB25 output on your Pre is analog, not digital. TDIF is looking for a digital signal. You can find a converter, maybe, or go with the analog card. Or send the Avid back and look for a unit with TDIF out.
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Hey guys! Thanks so much for the feedback.
I'm fairly new to all this, so I taught that it was as simple as connect one to each other.
Do you guys know any converter to indicate??
Again, thx a lot guys!!!
If you really like the Mic PRE and have an open card slot in your DM3200, then just get the IF-AN/DM card for the board. You'll be very happy.
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The least expensive and most elegant option is the Tascam IF-AN/DM card for the console. $350 or so online.

If it were me, I'd think about returning the Avid if I could, and replacing it with an 8-channel pre/converter with TDIF out (RME and CraneSong make them... It appears most the less expensive units are ADAT-out only).
"It appears most the less expensive units are ADAT-out only)."

A(lesis)DAT was a major boon to the project studio market. It was the first non-proprietary multi-track digital interface. To say the concept helped revolutionize home recording wouldn't be an overstatement. But, for those seeking to use the higher sample rates in today's world, ADAT isn't particularly helpful.

Just more grist for the mill. :)

Roger that. I had three ADAT LightPipe cards in my 02R, feeding a MOTU 2408 connected to a MOTU 424 PCIe card. But no 96k for me, so it all got replaced with the lean elegance and open clarity of the DM3200.
If you bought a DB25 to balanced 1/4" TRS, you could plug directly into the 1/4" line inputs into each of the channel inputs.
Find a MOTU 2408MKIII online. That accepts up to 24 channels of TDIF I/O, and will convert to 24 channels of ADAT or 8 channels of analog. Up to 96KHz.
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TascMan, in the case of the MOTU 2408MKIII I can use a DB-25 cable to 1/4" line cable from the AVID PRE to input on the 8 channels analog from the Motu and then output then as TDIF Digital to TASCAM DM 3200? I can setup all this completely independent of connecting the MOTU in the computer, correct? Just using the unit as a converter... I know that the IF-AN/DM is a simpler setup, but I would like to use the 2 of the TDIF that are in the mixer to expand my channels.
Maybe even get an ADAT Pre and output it as a TDIF using the ADAT in of the MOTU and using for example TDIF-2 from the MOTU as an output to the Tascam DM 3200.... Is my line of tough correct??
Yes to all. It works great. Analog outs from your AVID Via the DB25 to 1/4" plugs into the analog inputs in the 2408 MKIII. Convert in the 2408 without a computer. No PCI Card required. Just setup the 2408's front panel to CLOCK from Dig (that will make it the SR Clock slave to the DM, using the clock signal over the TDIF cables from the 3200) Then TDIF out of the 2408 into the DM. Assign those using INPUT BYPASS to tracks in your DAW, while also assigning the TDIF Ins to input channels on your DM for monitoring over the STEREO Buss and/or the AUX1/2 buss.
You can also mix ADAT and TDIF for different sets of 8 channels. So, while your AVID Is coming in analog and going out over TDIF1, you can also have ADAT coming in and going out over TDIF 2. This gives you one more TDIF out for another 8 channels.

BTW(!) Make sure you buy actual TDIF cables for any TDIF runs. They are NOT the same thing as the DB25 analog cables.
I had a 2408 for years, and it's a real Swiss Army knife. I could fly in parts from ADAT or DA-88 machines 24 tracks at a time, straight into the Mac, sample accurate and ready to rock.
Guys, just to let everyone know, I solved the problem with the help of all of you guys. I bought the Motu 2408 MKIII, and it works like a charm converting analog signal to digital TDIF, in my setup!Thanks a lot for the help of everyone!

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