Dm 3200 Firewire Card Problem


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Mar 14, 2014
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I'm using a Mac Pro with the DM 3200 and the IFFW/DM firewire card. I took the firewire cable off of the DM while i was having some work done in my studio, and when i put the cable back in the DM I got a message saying "driver offline". I reinstalled the drivers and i'm still getting the same message. I called Tascam and they couldn't tell me how to resolve this problem. I using os Snow Leopard, PLEASE HELP ME.
I'm not too savvy with Macs. However, when you reattached the firewire cable, it's possible your Mac loaded a previous, incompatible/conflicting driver.

You'll need one of the resident Mac users to help you with specifics.

I uninstalled all old drivers, downloaded new ones and installed them. It didn't make any difference. I'm waiting for some mac users to respond and i thank you for your insight, if you have anymore suggestions, please let me know.
I've not had the loss of connection problem since updating to Mountain Lion and now, Mavericks.
I did experience it occasionally in Snow Leopard.

My solution was frowned upon by folks here, in that they thought it was dangerous for the FW card.
It always worked for me, so I offer it with a note of caution.

With the IFWDMmkII control panel open on the Mac and the DM turned on, I would simply unplug and replug the firewire plug on the back of the DM.
The control panel would recognize the DM and the connection would be re-established.
Try this at your own risk.
Just a shot in the dark.
I have an older mac, so i can only upgrade to Loin and i'm waiting for that to be sent to me. I'll try that upgrade before I try your second suggestion and I thank you for it.
I use Lion and its much better than mountain lion. At least until we get the new mavericks drivers. Anyway, take out your firewire card and factory reset your tascam. Then put the card in another slot (if you have one) and see if that resets your tascam. Its most likely the mac rather than the desk but you never know.

I have to start up in a certain sequence. Mac first waiting for it to load fully, then turn on the desk and everything else after that. That works for me. If I don't do it then the desk won't communicate with anything properly.

Hope it helps a little.
Note, only slot 1 and 3 on the DM4800 have sufficient voltage to properly operate the firewire card.

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