DM-3200 receive MTC from Logic Pro 9


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Jul 31, 2013
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DM24 DM3200 MA-AD8 IF-DA8 TA1V
I'd like to see the timecode from Logic Pro 9 at the screen of my DM3200.

My setup:
DM3200 (NO firewire card) - USB connection to Mac
M-Audio ProFire2626 interface.

Remote and transport control for Logic is working fine.
I just want to display the MTC on my DM3200 screen, I've setup Logic with outputting MTC to USB/midi port 3 as written in this document: ... tasks=true

I've setup the DM3200 as seen in these screenshots:

So in theory, it should work, but of course it doesn't ;)

Strange thing, the MTC is being received by the DM3200 while Logic is playing! When I try to change the MTC input from USB to MIDI, DM3200 gives me the warning "TC Running".
I can see the MTC TC running at the Tascam Mixer Companion TC screen.
But no display of MTC at the DM itself.

What am I doing wrong?
When I switch to Reaper f.e., I insert a SMPTE track, output that track to midi port 3 and it does work. It just doesn't work from Logic.

Anyone else with this experience?

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