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Mar 5, 2013
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Tascam DM-3200
When using Protools 10 with the Tascam IF-FW/DMmkII card and in Remote mode on the tascam. This allows me to move faders, solo, record, mute etc within the 16 channel faders in tascam & protools. In remote is it only the 16 faders + the stereo fader that I'm able to use? If I have channel 18 outputting in protools, will it appear in remote mode somewhere? or on the meter bridge (don't have one yet on order)
You should be able to switch banks of 16 tracks for remote control in your DAW, so in the remote layer, fader 2 will represent track 18, 34 etc.

Whether any channel will display audio from the DAW on the meter bridge depends on the audio actually getting into the board and where it is routed to. See the remote control as a separate device just controlling your software - not directly related to where the audio really goes, until you configure it to be.
Thanks Captdan, you are awsome!!!!!!! I see all 32 tracks by switching in the MMC, but you don't need to hit the ctrl button it does the two layers with just the bank keys left/right on the MMC.

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