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Nov 7, 2012
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Hi there,

I have a question regarding signal routing from the DM3200 to Logic Pro 8. Basically I was wondering if it is possible to do the following - from the M/L input, route the signal so that the DM3200's onboard EQ can be used to tweak the sound prior to going to Logic via firewire, then route this EQ'd signal via firewire to Logic, BUT with it then 'bypassing' the fader (in terms of output level control), so that adjusting the fader on the DM3200 doesn't affect the signal level going to Logic via Firewire (instead only having the 'Trim' control acting as the input level control to Logic)

The reason I ask is that it would be useful to use the DM3200's faders as monitor fader levels that are independent of the level going to Logic via Firewire (to allow for direct monitoring as using Logic for monitoring induces latency issues etc). I have tried numerous configurations with my DM3200 to do this but have failed miserably so if anyone could help (or just let me know is such a routing setup with the EQ is possible) I would be very grateful. I hope my question makes sense as well! :)


No you can't. To record EQ'ed signal, you have to route channel's DIRECT out to FW output. And this also records fader movements.

But there's workarounds (there's always with your DM).
1. You can also route this DIRECT out to other channel's input using LOOPBACK routing and use fader of that channel to adjust monitoring volume.
2. You can assign your channel to a BUSS and use BUSS fader to adjust monitoring volume.
EDIT: Wait ... there's more:
3. Send your channel to one of AUXes (not 1 or 2 if STEREO is assigned to them) and assign this AUX to STEREO
Hi! I know this is an old thread but mabey someone knows the answer.

Trying to find a way to send the signal from the M/L-input post phase swith but still be able to use faders to controll monitor levels without affecting the levels sent to DAW.

Option 2 in the above response does that work?
Cause the manual says that using the direct out removes the buss assignment:

From the manual:

In addition, a DIRECT key provides the capability of

producing a direct channel output which can then be
used for routing in the ROUTING screens. When this is

selected, any buss assignments are removed.
By far, the easiest way to do this is to switch the phase within your DAW track. It might even be easier to just through an inverted phase cable in the works. Otherwise, No, you can't send the signal through the phase button in the DM and then out to your DAW bypassing your faders, unless you route the way Jarno suggested above.
A phase button on the analog signal, before it was converted to digital, would have been a nice touch.
Hi Tascman!
Thanks for your answer.
Yes that woulld have been a very nice touch.

Using inverted phase Cable sounds not easy at all.
When tacking drums i have used up to 16 mices.

When tracking the phase button is important to me,
Yes off course i coulld flip the phase in the DAW. But that woulld meen that i have to check the phase on the board and then flip the cannels in the DAW accourdingly.

Mabey one coulld get used to it.

But if Jarnos option 2 works that coulld be a way to do it.
Routing the channels both to direct out and to the busses.
Having the channel faders for the DAW level and the buss levels for monitoring levels(off course the channel faders woulld change the monitor levels aswell but thats not a big issue for me).

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