DM-3200 with Sonar X2 - DAW only showing inpouts 1-8


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Jun 16, 2013
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I am running Sonar X2 with a new DM-3200 in Windows 7/64 bit and the FW DM MkII card. I can remotely control channels fine, but Sonar is only showing audio inputs 1-8 from the DM. I am using the Mackie Control with one extension.
I set the FW card to use 32 channels in both directions.
In addition, I have never been able to get the TMC software to run. It either disappears after the splash screen or indicates a USB conflict.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the M/L for channels 9-16 into the DAW?

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I checked the link. Unfortunately, that doesn't address the issue I have. I can control the tracks fine. When I go to assign a track in the saw to an input, it is only showing the first 8. It should show 16.
This issue is resolved. I found the very detailed Sonar setup steps in the documents and manuals section.
Good to hear. Glad it's solved. What was the culprit?
Not sure of the culprit. Probably had to do with the wdm drivers. I switched to ASIO and it's all hunky dory

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