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Oct 5, 2012
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dm 4800
Hello, after i saw that the old forum is on, i went to check it and found a topic related to a video tutorial, d2thaj (David Johnston) said they will start making some video tutorials for the desk, but right after that the forum was down.
Well i contacted him and asked about this.
this is a short view of the response got from him:

I'm glad to hear that they are back up again, I was really sad to see them go down. Unfortunately, our 4800 console went down a few weeks after filming our first installment of the videos that we were going to put together. Shortly after, the Tascam Forums went down so we couldn't post up to let anyone know that we wouldn't be able to produce any more of them.

We did however, make a rough pass at finishing the first video (not totally mixed, etc.)
Feel free to post that up, and if anyone is wanting to continue on the journey of putting together tutorial videos and want the intro splash animation, I can definitely make that available.

btw the moderator could make this link sticky :)
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If anyone could continue this that could be amazing. we could share demo's of how we use the desk differently. Would anyone be up for that?
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Brief tutorials like these can be immensely helpful. I'd be happy to throw down a few , but I have to take a serious look at my (meager) video kit to see if it would do the job.

Adding it to my 'serious consideration list.' ;)

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Great video and very helpful for a newbie to the DM-4800.

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More videos like this one! i vote CaptDan makes a few haha! ;)
CaptDan sadly passed away last year.
Cmaffia, that is truly saddening news. But thank you for letting me know
Thanx to cmaffia for passing on the sad news. RIP CaptDan
Hi everyone, I joined in just newly. I was really glad to find this video but it's pained me to hear of the tragedy. May his caring soul rest peacefully in the almightys bosom.

I really would need some help with my dm3200. The shut down button stopped working, one arrow button works once in awhile, Likewise the enter button. And channel 7 select button completely never selects. How can revive them. Please help.
This is off topic. Search the forum for deOxit
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R.I.P. Captdan...

Thanx for the video

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