DM-4800 and Bank Swapping in Reaper


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May 15, 2013

I'm new to the board and am researching a DM-4800 as the centerpiece of a project studio. I did a search, but couldn't find anything relating to this question directly.

Reaper is my main DAW and it sounds like just setting things up with the mackie universal pro settings in Reaper will get me going.

Does anyone here know if bank swapping on the DM-4800 is supported so that I can still gain access to a track count greater than 24 for DAW control?

I was also considering the Allen & Heath GS-R24m, but it appears that they only support a static mapping of 1 - 24 for their faders and do not support bank swapping to gain access to more than that.

Here is a link to an equivalent functionality on the nucleus, in case my explanation is too vague:


Yes, it's a no brainer gaining access to all the DAW channels using the DM consoles' bank keys. Once the HUI parameters are set up, it's a matter of pushing buttons to access to the corresponding DAW channels - in similar fashion as that video shows with the SSL.

However, I'm not familiar with Reaper; I would think it's no different in that regard.
But, unless somebody here who uses it can support my guess, that's all that it is.

ok awesome, thanks CaptDan.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing with the GS-R24m, but perhaps it's just an implementation issue with their approach because they support bank swapping with Logic and PT, Cubase too if you do some custom mapping, but apparently they had trouble with Reaper and were relying on Cockos to write a plugin, but that fell to the wayside and the effort was never resurrected. /shrug

That surprised me.

Thanks for the reply!
I use Reaper and have just tested your question out on my 3200. Yes. Bank swapping in the Remote layer is no problem with Reaper. I just loaded 50 tracks in reaper and was able to control all of them by using the < BANK > buttons on the automation panel. No plugins needed. As long as Mackie control and Mackie control extender are used, (For the DM 4800 that's MIDI out 5 for tracks 1-8, midi out 6 for tracks 9-16 and MIDI out 7 for tracks 17-24) it seems the number of available tracks in Remote layer is infinite, since Reaper allows infinite tracks. You will just keep going through them 8 at a time using the bank buttons.

BTW, if it helps, go to OPTIONS/PREFERENCES/CONTROL SURFACES, click on Mackie control and EDIT.
While MIDI IN and OUT should be MIDI5 (Tascam DM-4800 and 3200) for tracks 1-8, make the first offset here set to 0, and the size tweak set to 9. This will start your tracks at fader 1 and will assign your STEREO fader to the Master Fader in Reaper.

After That...Select Mackie control extender and hit EDIT again.
MIDI in and OUT here should be set to MIDI 6 for tracks 9-16, (4800 and 3200) Offset Track (the first set of tracks to ignore) should be at "8"--NOT ZERO-. And the size teak should also be "8" -NOT NINE...You do not need to include your master fader anymore, it's already set.

After That....Select another Mackie Control Ext and hit EDIT again.
MIDI in and OUT here should be MIDI 7 (for 4800 only...NOT available on 3200) for tracks 17-24. Offset should be "16" (again because the previous 16 tracks have already been assigned and we want to start with 17) and the size tweak should be "8".
That will do it. Open as many tracks in Reaper as you like and you can bank select 8 at a time in REMOTE layer to your hearts content. enjoy
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That's excellent! Thanks so much TascMan.

That answers everything perfectly!
Glad to help. Dan can't do it all...
I own a DM3200 and got the bank swapping to work in Reaper just fine. My issue is that you can see when they are banking on the SSL, the mixer channels are actually moving on PT. I would love to get this working in Reaper but it seems like no one has been able to accomplish this with the DM3200/4800. My main reason I would love for this to work like it did in the video is because I modified my Reaper theme code to display only 16 mixer channels at a time. here is an example:


(I had to link it directly because the image was too big to display correctly. Sorry.)

It's like a poor mans meter bridge. Only problem is the mixer channels do not shift when using bank or channel shift on the mixer. If anyone has any information on this, or has accomplished this I would love to hear. Meanwhile I will continue to do some research and report back if I find a solution.
I don't quite get it. I don't know what you mean by..." the mixer channels are actually moving on PT....The tracks in Reaper move too. at least in the mixer section, if I remember correctly. Nice looking meter bTW. I am not in front of my 3200 right now, but I am pretty sure that when you hit the bank arrows keys " < and >" that the tracks move in reaper. You could color each of the tracks in Reaper, every 8 like you did in the attached picture, if you want, maybe that is what you mean? So you can see them moving?
My tracks do not move at all in the mixer view. That's my issue.
Johnny Tech
I couldn't agree more!
are we the only two people in the world that see this over-glaring mistake that is made by ALL DAW creators? Well except for Samplitude.

I can't get over how most daws are just Sooooooooooo complex... they have more controls than a Boeing 747...and yet... simple things that are just SO absolutley essential to a mix situation... they all leave out
I think what we all want is a DAW that acts like an analog mixing desk!
So simple

I have a Tascam US2400...a lovely unit - 24 motorized faders - with one bank switch i can access tracks 24 - 48. Samplitude actually has a preset for it, and it works pretty good - Samplitude shows 24 tracks and the master bus on my screen and when I switch to banks 25-48 the screen switches too... like magic - so whats my problem?

Well I fell in love with Reapers 3rd party skin ' Imperial White Tie' ... erial.html

It is so slick to use...looks amazing and is so INSPIRING and rewarding to use
Its controls (while being hyper-3D and realistic) are smooth onscreen and it just leaves you wanting to record and mix more and more

Samplitudes Camo skin is one of the better DAW skins... but it is pretty lame after using the Imperial White Tie - I honestly think the panning and clarity of sound is better in Reaper (I know 10,000 people will say thats impossible)

So I need to use reaper to benefit from this skin
and reaper won't scroll its mixer window as you say...VERY frustrating and such a simple bit of code to fix (I imagine) and my 24 track US2400 will only move in banks of 8 at a time
8 banks at a time plus no onscreen mixer scrolling/following = useless controller - 100% useless - you become so lost is is not worth having a powerful controller anymore

I have scoured the internet for any aknowledgement of this issue and found only your post

I've been from Cubase to Sonar and finally found Samplitude that'd honour my US2400 - I'm sure with any controller including Mackies the issue will be the same in reaper

Is everyone happy using a mouse?

I might send a link to this post to the REAPER forum

actually just posted on the Reaper forum - see here:

I'll have to try that white tie skin - very nice.

Isn't the non-scrolling mix window a reaper issue rather than a DM issue?

Not at all happy with a mouse - currently using a Kensington trackball that (for me) is much better than chasing the stupid mouse all over the table :)
Totally REAPER issue - don't know why these DAWS can do 10 billion midi things - fly a rocket to mars etc... but can't do simple day to day stuff........

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