DM-4800, IF-FW/DM MKII interface card & Pro Tools issues


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Feb 18, 2013
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I just got a DM-4800, added a IF-FW/DM mkII interface card & brand new to Pro Tools 10. That's a lot to handle in 1 week.
I'm old school, so what I'm trying to do is set it up as I would an analog recording system. Meaning, I want to be able to have control buss any DM channel to any track on PT. Then, say I have 15 tracks recorded. I want trks 1 - 15 to come back into the DM4800 channels 25 - 40 ect. I have tried everything & it's not working. I checked & the interface is talking to PT. I've got the transport working, but I can't arm a track, or see the time code on my mixer. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any advise you can give me. :?:
Whenever these questions arise, there's often confusion about whether the user seeks to utilize the DM (3200/4800) merely as a control surface (fancy remote control lever, knob, button pusher) - and/or - for purposes of gaining the additional tools the DM's outboard mixer/routing matrix provide.

So - in order to better answer your question - we need to know two things:

1. Have you read the Tascam DM manual for setting up ProTools with the DM?

2. Are you mixing IN THE BOX (meaning you're keeping everything inside the computer), or are you routing digital signal from your computer THROUGH the DM (Firewire as you indicate), applying the DM's Channel features and efx, then out again to either the same DAW or to another device?

Yes I read the manual and keep referring back to it.
I would like to use the DM to mix.
I can't get it to assign channels, i.e. if I want to buss channel 1 to PT track 9, no matter how I set up the board, it won't assign. I've used tutorials & downloaded set ups & it still won't do it. I also set up the remote & it does play / record/ ff & rw, I'm still not seeing the timecode on the DM & still can't arm the PT tracks. Pulling what's left of my hair out.
I've been using the Mackie D8B for the last 13 years, & I assume the DM should pretty much do the same type recording set up. I am also new to Pro Tools, so I'm trying different settings. I would greatfully pay someone to creat this project and either e-mail it or send it on a CF card. I'm feeling very frustrated at this point.
Thanks again, much appreciated. (also, is there a support line I can call?
Re: HELP!!! DM-4800, IF-FW/DM mkII interface card & PT issu

Barrel90 said:
I'm old school, so what I'm trying to do is set it up as I would an analog recording system.
Same here. From the day I started using DAW my DAW has been only a "glorified tape recorder". Here's couple of topics in which I've tried to help others in similar situation:

Mixing "out of the box" - DM-4800 & Cubase 6

DM-4800 with firewire best practice

Unfortunately links I've posted into these topics doesn't work right now (my $%&#£ Internet operator has @*£#ed up something).

Please read these and if you have further detailed questions (including re-posting my screenshots/DM project files) just ask.
if I want to buss channel 1 to PT track 9, no matter how I set up the board, it won't assign.

There are several steps that need to be done. Once you get those, understand them, they'll cease to be a problem. Here are a few; if they're not clear, I'll send you some TMC and ProTools screen shots tomorrow. (I use a DM3200, so there will be some differences in workflow):

1. First, your DM OUTPUT SLOTS - ie - those outgoing Firewire channels to Ptools have to be set up right. For simplicity each slot should contain the same #number Buss/Direct channel. For example: Slot #1 - Buss/Direct 1 - Slot#2 - Buss/Direct2, etc.

2. Next, and not least, your ProTools app MUST be set to ASIO/IF/FW/DM. Nothing else. If there's another audio driver stuck in there, GET RID OF IT!

3. Assuming Step #2 is accomplished, create a ProTools Audio track. Click the INPUT tab on the channel. Call it Track #1. You should see 'Interface' as an option. Click that and you should see the exact Input numbers which correspond to those set in your DM Firewire menu. If you chose 32 channels from your computer, you'll se 32 possibilites. Pick the channel you've designated to send signal to Protools. Let's call it Channel #16. Next, hit the OUTPUT tab, and you'll see another 32 possibiliies. Choose one that you'll use to send signal BACK to the DM. Let's call it: Channel #1.

4. On the DM/Routing INPUT page. Pick a fader you're going to use to MONITOR signal back from that Protools track. Let's say i'll be FADER #1. Look at Channel #1, make sure it designates SLOT 1/1 as the input source. Next, be sure to ASSIGN that channel to the STEREO BUSS by hitting the Stereo Button on the upper left of your DM.

At this point you're ready to arm that ProTools track and lay something down.BUT there's going to be LATENCY if you monitor signal BACK from Ptools!!! (I'm assuming you're not using Ptools HD). Instead of dealing with that, MUTE Channel #1 on ProTools, and use a DM input to monitor your source. If it's - say - a gtr track coming in on M/L #1, pick an open fader, go to Routing/Input, and - choosing 'M/L on the right side of the menu - dial in "M/L1 on that chosen Channel Module. Again, assign that module to the STereo Buss.

If your track prints correctly, unMUTE it, and let it play back on the output channel chosen in step #4 (Channel fader #1.)

I'll discuss timecode later. Better yet, do a search here for Protools; MTC, etc. I've writen several posts about it, and there's no need to repeat it.

I hope this gets you started.

Thanks guys, I'll try working on this.
Quick question... Is there a "home" setting on the DM 4800? A way to bring it back to factory settings? Just wondering. I've tried so many things, I'm wondering if I'm forgetting to reset other things. :)
No 'Home Setting' per se. But you can use the Snapshot feature. First, save whatever you're working on to its file (assuming a work in progress.) Next, reset everything to 'flat.' Disable all EQ, compression/dynamics/gates, pull all aux settings back to 00 - pans to center - all stereo faders de-selected, pairs and Mutes un-ganged. If there are any 'fancy' routing schemes, return those back to basic settings too.

Then - save this setup to a Snapshot; call it 'Square 1' or whatever works.

At any point, if you get 'cocked up,' recall that Snapshot (ALWAYS after first saving your file just in case you need to return to it).

Hi Im new is there anybody still helping with this ? I just switched from digi 003rack + to Tascam DM 3200 with firewire card ... cant even open Protools 11.1

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