DM 4800/logic problem. Please help.


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Jul 12, 2014
I'm running DM4800 as remote for Logic 9.

I have another keyboard controller and when i want to use the learn function in logic for any plugin parameter all i have to do is to touch the parameter that i want to assign and then touch any of the knobs on my controller to assign it. (The first midi signal Logic gets, get assigned to the parameter that i chose)

The problem:
For some reason every time i tell logic to learn, It gets some midi signal for the DM4800 before i even able to touch to the knob i want to assign on my keyboard. I'm not sure why the dm is sending any midi and where it comes from. Any ideas?
Hi Shachar,
Have you gone to enviroments window, to the click & port layer and checked the "input view" to see which midi port is transmitting data? Also check to see if "machine control" on the DM4800 is enabled, that maybe the source of transmission. If not, checking the midi ports of incoming data will be your best bet.
Well if i get it right the machine control suppose to be on as i'm using it to control logic. Correct me if i'm wrong. isn't the machine control my "Mackie Control"?
No. 'Mackie Control' (aka: 'HUI') is intended for fader/pan/mute control via the DM's Remote Layer.

MMC (Midi Machine Control) is for transport operation - ie - Forward/Reverse/Record/Play/Select [Edit/Mix] screens, and a host of other controls. Additionally, there's the User Defined Layer - specifically for setting up custom communications between the DM, DAW plugins, and similar, 'deeper' remote applications.

Gualterino, I found which Midi port is doing it. It is the "Tascam DM-4800 Control Port" I checked online and someone said that it is a port that the DM is communicating with it's software (TMCompanion) I cannot disconnect this port from the DM itself and i have no idea how to do this from logic. I saw a post on Logic Pro Help where sombody said to create a dummy object in the environment and cable that port to it and that it will be a dead end to the data coming from it. I did it and nothing! i still getting this data 24/7 and cant assign any knob to any parameter because as soon as i click learn in logic, first thing it see is that damn signal from the DM. This is driving me insane! Please help if you know anything about this..
The DM communicates with TMCompanion over USB#1. So, if something else is assigned to that port, it will cause a conflict. Find out what that other thing is and remove it.

It's not about any conflict. Its about logic recognizing the first midi signal it gets from anywhere and assign that first signal to the parameter i choose ones i click the learn button in Logic. So i can't assign any controller knob because that contant signal from dm gets assigned.
You seem to have diagnosed the problem without any examination. You won't get to the bottom of it unless you start over, mentally, and erase the "it's not about any conflict, I already know what's wrong" approach. There is something weird going on, but it's not a known problem with the DM... I recently assigned specific MIDI functions to various controllers around my studio and the DM didn't interfere.

Check the "MIDI" page on your DM and see if you've got anything routed to the wrong port.
Solved! Apparently the dm is communicating with its TMCompanion program thru midi. It uses USB port 1 (Which you cannot disconnect from the DM. It is locked only for that use). All i had to do is quit the TMCompanion software and the midi signal disappear. It's kind of stupid but i'm happy i found what it was. :)
There are cases when TMCompanion cannot be resident when a DAW is open. Some applications either can't handle it, require USB1 for other communications, or need to be 'hacked' to allow both apps to operate simultaneously. This isn't good news for users without meter bridges, but I'm just the messenger. Don't shoot me. :)

Happy to know you've gotten over this hurdle.

I did not mean to come off rude in anyway if you got it wrong :) apologias.
Now i have another really weird situation and i'm hoping it's not something with the DM. One of the panning (Channel 20) is moving to the left by itself and rest there.
I move it back to the center and after few seconds i see it start going back to the left slowly. Did anyone have this issue before?
I've had one strange (and unsolved) case where the entire 1st layer on the DM decided to take control of a plug in's internal levels. My best guess is, somehow MIDI machine commands got assigned to those faders. Probably a similar issue you're afflicted with now. These things can happen when your DAW's MIDI-Learn function is active, and a mixer move is assigned to a MIDI_Control Number - a deliberate routine followed when setting up the DM's User Defined Layer and MIDI control menus.

I can't advise you how to deal with it in Logic. But, somehow, you'll have to locate the source of those MIDI messages and tell it to 'shut up.' :)

Also, there's a possibility you've got the DM's Automation enabled and that pan control is blindly following a maneuver accidentally written to it. Check your Automation (Setup) page; if the top 'Automation' button is enabled, disable it.


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