Dm 4800 Remote ?


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Jan 12, 2013
Hello everybody,
first I'm new and it's my first post, i hope i'm right here.

Now to my question:
I'm going to buy a dm 4800 for my Recording Studio an for my Live Jobs.
So, is there anyway, to remote a dm4800 in Live use. I tought about using a laptop with cubase, wich is connected to the mixer, and a tablet pc (with windows) running vnc or a cubase remote software, wich is connected with the Laptop over a W-LAN.

Is there anyway to do a wireless remote in Live Situations, when the Mixer is used for Sound??

It wouldn't be a problem for me to carry all the stuff to remote the mixer. Meaning if it needs 3 laptops or something, no Problem. I just want to remote the mixer (sometimes)

The following functions of DM can be controlled with MIDI messages:
- Ch mute/fader/pan
- Master mute/fader
So if you have DM hooked into a laptop with USB, you can use your laptop to control DM. You can also plug a MIDI controller into DM's MIDI IN.

In order to control DM with wireless device, use your laptop as a receiver and echo MIDI messages to DM.
Thx, this are great news.
But there's no way to remote the eq? That's a shame.

So what Software can i use to send Midi messages to the DM ? Can i use Cubase? Sry for this Question, Midi isn't my area.


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