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Jul 12, 2013
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I am trying to find some advice. I have a church sound board that I want to run the sound through a Presonus 18x18 audio box to capture and edit multi-track.

I can pair my 4 choir mics together, but I want to see if there are any recommendations on how I should output the channels to the Presonus. I am a super novice and I cant figure out how to group channels to send them to one Assignable Send.

Any help would be greatly appreciates. Thanks!
The best thing to do is sell the Presonus and buy a console firewire card. Then you can connect the DM4800 to the computer for recording over a single firewire cable.
But whatever you do you have to read the manual a few times.
Thanks for advice on Firewire card. Dont have the funds currently to get the card. If there a way I can incorporate the PreSonus? I thought about tracking the ADAT into the PreSonus, but that only gives me 8 tracks.

Any thoughts?
Sell the PreSonus and buy the Tascam FW card. The Presonus at best is 18 in and out, the Tascam card gives you 32 in and out for the same money basically.

You could use the Tascam's 8 assignable analog ins and outs to the Presonus, and the ADAT in and out, and a stereo digital AES or SPDIF in and out. So 18 inputs, 18 out puts, but a lot of hassle though. The Presonus has a mixer function built into it for monitoring which is great by itself, but just makes the whole process more complex for a newbie when using a DM4800 with it.

My advice is simpler is better, sell the Presonus and buy the firewire card.
Sorry, just realized that we don't know what DAW you are using to record the audio.

The Firewire card works really well with most DAWs.
What DAW are you running?
Can anyone give me direction on how I can send grouped channels to one send via - like through Busses or something. I know how to do channel to channel, but I would like to group 4 choir mics and put them to one send. Any thoughts?
Given that the other good advice has been disregarded, are you trying to buss your vocals through the DM4800? Then send that buss to an assignable output? If So Then:
Find which channels your vocals are on. Lets say they are on CH (modules) 1-4. Now find the large gray area full of buttons next to your fat channel. It is labeled "Output Assign".
Hit the SEL button on channel 1, and then hit the "1" button on the "output Assign" area. You have now assigned channel one to buss 1.
Now SEL CH 2, and hit the "1" button again. Now vocal 2 is also on buss 1. Do the same for CHs 3 and 4. Now Vocals 1-4 are on buss 1.
Now go to your routing screen (ALT/ROUTING/Output tab), and start from the right:
Use POD 4 (knob below screen on the right) and move the arrow down one click to "Buss/Direct", Now move POD 3 to move that arrow down to Assn Send.
Now go to the left again and use your arrow keys to move the selection down to highlight "1". Now use the jog wheel to change the entry to bring up "Buss1/DIR1"
It is flashing. Hit "enter" to make the selection permanent.
Now, make sure you go to your DM's buss layer and bring up the volume on Buss 1. Bring it up to 0db (Unity). Mix the vocalists inputs individually.
And finally, plug a TRS 1/4 inch cable into the Assn send jack and the other end to an available input in the Audio Box..

Another way would be to go into the presonus digitally. I.E., you could assign the Buss's output to the DM's S/PDif out, or even the ADAT out, but you will only be using 1 ADAT or 1 S/PDif channel.

Another common way to do this is to just buss your vocals to your normal STEREO buss, and assign THAT to any analog or digital output. The advantage here is that you can pan your 4 vocalists according to their position on the stage over a stereo image...something not available on the busses. If you have 2 channels available on your Audio box, simply assign the stereo bus out over 2 channels of ADAT or S/PDif and into the audiobox.
Many possibilities here...of course the FW card would be the real way to go here. you could send the audio box's outputs out over ADAT into the DM, and then send each channel into your DAW. (I am assuming it's Studio One, since it came with your Audio Box)
Good luck
This is super helpful, thank you. It's not that I am disregarding the FireWire, but I purchased the audio box for some other mobile applications that we needed. I just wanted to see if there was a way to make it work on the DM rather than buying an additional card. This seems to be what I am looking for I am planning on issuing the 8 channel ADAT for instruments and some vocals and then bus the others as vocals. Great solution.
I am using Studio Live for my DAW. In the future hope to get Logic.
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