Dm 4800 unresponsive fader trouble


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Dec 29, 2014
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Dm 4800
Hi new member here looking for some advice, i've searched the forum but haven't found anything. I recently bought a 4800 and everything is fine apart from some of the faders, I ran the desk in diagnostics mode and all faders performed perfect in the motor test and in sending data but in use, when flipping between layers for example the faders will not move once they have been touched. I could move all the faders to the top on layer 1-24 then flip to 25-48 and only some of the faders return to the bottom with a number of them staying up. Is the a contact issue between the cap and fader or a more serious issue? Any help or input would be really appreciated! :)
Easy stuff first
It looks more like a setting problem....Go to your OPTION Screen v(ALT/OPTION(Key1)/Setup Tab) and check that your screen looks like mine. Now check you Preferences tab on the OPTIONS screen and compare.
Next check your AUTOMATION screen against mine. (#2 on keypad...No ALT)
On your automation screen, hit "CLEAR DATA". See if that helps.


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Thank you both! totally solved the issue. a few caps were dirty and removing and cleaning sorted that, also following tascman's settings guides got all faders sorted 100%!
Thank you both so much!
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Cool. I replaced all of my fader caps with SSL caps years ago. The standard caps now look out of place to me.:confused:
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TascMan: which fader caps? I'd love to install a set of those smooth, capsule-shaped caps they use on the Matrix. The classic ridged caps would be cool, too... Do you suppose any if them would fit and function?
Sexy, no?

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I Put these on a long time ago. But I really like yours! If they are metallized. they should work.

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