DM-4800 Word Clock Problem???


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Oct 30, 2012
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What is the best way to connect the DM-4800 to a Apogee Big Ben?
I connect Tascam Word Clock Out to Big Ben Word Clock In #1. It worked fine for a while (without any Termination). Today the Green LED on Big Ben Port #1 starts blinking then went out after 30 sec. (Never happened before)
I switched the BNC-Cable to Word Clock In #5 on Big Ben and there is connection.
No Connection on Port #1 but on all of the other Ports is Connection.
Is it a Big Ben failure or just wrong pluged in?? I record normally in 88.2 or 96khz.
Any Clue what kind of issue it can be??
But the Big Ben has ONLY one WC input. It has 6 WC outputs. Are you connecting the DM's WC OUT to a Big Ben WC OUT? It sounds like it from your post. This is incorrect.
What are you trying to do? Which device will be the master?
If you want your DM to be the WC master device, then you should connect a BNC terminated (NOT the "T" connector here just a regular straight BNC) 75ohm cable from the DM's WC OUT to the Big Ben's (only 1) WC IN. Select the Sample rate frequency you want to use on the DM's project page, (Alt/Project/Clock Tab) select "internal" to use the DM's internal clock as the master clock, and make sure "normal" is selected under the "Word" phrase heading on the right.
Now the DM is the master clock and the Big Ben is accepting that WC signal input, checking it for stbility, making any corrections, and then distributing it out to the 6 WC outs, for you to send to other digital units.

If you want the Big Ben to be the master clock, then set up the sampling frequency in the big ben that you would like to use and select it's internal clock as the master clock. Now connect one end of your BNC WC cable to one of the 6 Big Ben outputs, and the other to your DM's WC IN, and move the 75ohm switch to "ON". That will terminate the WC signal capped BNC "T" adaptor needed. Just a straight BNC connector. Now go to the DM's Project page and select the clock tab. Move the check mark to "Word", to accept the external connection, check all the correct sample rate frequencies, check your Fs Mode and the "WORD" phrase IN is set to normal. That should do it.
If your Big Ben's connection LED is still blinking, you may have a bad cable.
I want the Big Ben as WC Master in my Case. The Sampling Rate i want to use is 88.2 or 96Khz.
Then follow the second paragraph from my reply. Make sure to set the DM's clock to accept WORD as an external clock input. Set up everthing for 88.2. or 96.
Thanks TascMan... Now it is working. I use Apogee Wide Eye BNC-Cables, what are (i guess) a good quality cable. But finally WC is working now.

Thanks again.
glad its working for you.
I would like to know. When you connected the Big ben to your Tascam, was there a noticeable increase in sound quality?

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