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Oct 17, 2012
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A long time question that still needs an answer....

Does anyone know where I can buy an exact model (or close enough) replacement LCD display for my DM3200 that is less than Tascam's $200 one? I have been seeing more and more lines and it's making me crazy.
I've been asking around and haven't heard of a source yet.

I don't even care about cheaper. I just want a BETTER one. :)

Are these things like computer display? Any of them would work as long as its the right size and resolution?
They are more like an ATM display. I've taken mine out and there are very specific ribbon cable inputs on the back. they have to match up or it won't work.
Makes sense. I'm just going to buy a couple of them... one for now and one for a year or two from now. :D

For what I paid for this console, I guess this is still mighty cheap (although the inconvenience factor is pretty high).
I don't have desk space for another LCD monitor, and I don't use the Tascam's screen enough to justify it. I would have gladly paid another $200 or $300 for my console to have an LCD that didn't suck out loud.
It seems LCD failures aren't uncommon with these desks. But I have the notion that some screens are more reliable in the long run than others. My DM3200 is 6 years old with likely a few hundred hours on it, and I've yet to experience any issues. (Knock on aluminum.:)) Other engineers aren't so fortunate.

A Q.C. issue - bad batches? Less than stellar components? Or maybe the problem lies upstream - voltage irregularities leading to premature failure? Can't say. But since several owners have returned new mixers for replacements at the outset, it tends to suggest something along these lines.

You'd think LCD units aren't OEM devices - standardized models manufactured by 3rd parties - designed to fit within circuits made to accomodate them. In essence, my DM's LCD looks rather similar to the unit on my long gone Yamaha mixer. I'd guess this concept is similar to the automobile industry; engines designed for pre-existing replacement/expendible parts, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy a discount, compatible LCD - say for $97.50 - from some online electronics distributor?

No answers - just more questions.

Actually that may be the case - just a stock type display, and not a proprietary Tascam designed display. Maybe someone knows the exact manufacturer and part number of the display? Maybe after replacing one, or installing the 2seemy solution?
I was on this topic a while back when I only had a few lines across my display. I now have several...almost unreadable. Someone suggested a model that was the same in terms of size and voltage requirements. It was pretty cheap so I bought it. I opened my mixer and found that there is a female socket that accepts the data ribbon cable from the DM's video circut soldered to the display's PC board that my new display did not have. So, I brought the new one down to a local electronics shop and they looked for that exact socket, complete with standoff legs, to solder to the new display PC board, and could not find one. So I am stuck with a "close but no cigar" display.

From what I remember from the old forum boards, the exact model display was made in Mexico and was often found online for around 35 dollars. It was sold as an ATM display. Tascam appreaently bought up all the remaining displays and now sell them through their own outlet for 200 bucks.

Someone did do a picture based "How To" on how to take off the ribbon cable (different than the data ribbon cable discussed earlier) from the side of the diplay, clean off the old crappy glue (the actual source of the problem) and reapply the ribbon cable back to the side of the display. He seemed to have good results...a good as new display with no lines across it. I wanted to try this but felt that I would probably misalign the ribbon wires and trash the display. So I didn't.
If you read his description of the repair, he didn't end up with a line-free display: just "better than it was." He reduced the number of lines from dozens to half a dozen. Also, the process seemed incredibly convoluted and potentially dangerous, so... I'd go with the replacement.
July 5th, 2014- I just ordered a LCD replacement from Tascam's online store. Usually it says that the screens are back ordered but today the shopping cart was active- I hope that means that the LCD screen for the DM mixers are available. Lots of people out there that need to replace their screen.....
When I ordered mine recently (and locally), Full Compass also had them listed on their site, so availability shouldn't be a problem.
Since I started this thread, I have bought and installed a new display from Tascam AND installed the 2seeme kit. I was not happy having to shell out the 200bucks for a new display, since I know that identical ones run about 35bucks online, but I did it anyway. Even though the website said that the display was not available, after calling Tascam, they said that they always keep them in stock. So, if you need one, don't be put off by the "out of stock" info. Just give them a call. It was in my 3200 in three days.

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