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Nov 19, 2013
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Guys my LCD screen on my Tascan DM24 is starting to go.Where can I buy anew one I live in Vancouver Canada and any help would sure be appreciated.

I've got my last one direct from Tascam Canada, not sure if they are still doing support for them any longer or not.

If not let me know, I know someone who knows the guy that used to head up their repair department, I'm sure he can still source the parts.
Hello forum,
first I want to apologize for my bad English.
I also have the problem with the lines.
I bought a new screen on at where it is available for about 140€.

My question is:
What are your experiences after screen exchange ?
Is the problem solved forever, or it will happen again with the new one ?
In this case i ´d rather buy me another console.

Thanks for answers
Have any of you guys investigated the 2Seemy VGA bypass product? I ran across this fix almost on accident, one day and I don't recall ever reading about it in this forum. Seems like a great permanent fix for the bad LCD screens but it seems expensive. I'm also suspect of the reliability of the product, too. Although my screen is fine, I'm always shopping for insurance policies. Anyone try this thing out?
Have any of you guys investigated the 2Seemy VGA bypass product? ... Anyone try this thing out?

I did order and install this kit to fix my totally lined-out screen. Installation was about 1.5h and the most complicated part was to install the flat cable in the old LCD unit. All other steps were quite straight forward and the unit worked at once. I connected an used 15" TFT I bought for 5 Euros and the only downside is that you now have to look at the side of the mixer to see what's on the screen. Place behind the mixer is already locked by the 2 22" TFTs for my DAW...

I will load up a video of the 2Seemy kit in a few days and pics too since my DM24 is still open - have to replace the caps on the SW PSU PCB...
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Hey Olli, thank you for responding. I'd love to check out your video when you post it. I have a similar arrangement with large monitors above my mixing desk so yours is of great interest to me as well. As I recall, this installation requires the use of a slot or you could modify the back of your console for the VGA port - which did you do? I have (2) ADAT cards at present so if you did mod the rear, were there any issues that you encountered?
I also have 2 ADAT cards installed in my DM24 so 2Seemy's option A was not useable for me. I took option B an mounted the outside PCB. I attached some pictures of the unit outside and inside the board. Video has to follow later - waiting for the caps to arrive before I can reconfigure my control room setup.DSCF8426_001_1024.jpg DSCF8427_002_1024.jpg DSCF8428_003_1024.jpg DSCF8430_005_1024.jpg DSCF8429_004_1024.jpg
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Excellent pics Olli, I'm definitely going to take this route. I'm trying to get through two projects right now before I deal with my Capacitor(s) replacement job. When I do, I may go ahead and install the 2Seemy module as well. Thank you for information!
About your capacitor problem, I have posted pictures of the PSU in the other thread.
Nice job with 2seemy.
Here's the video I promised with the two 22" screens behind the DM24 and the 15" screen for the DM24s display on the left. I was not able to get the USB-feature of the 2Seemy-card up and running - driver installation didn't work on my Win7/64 system... Anyone got this up and running?

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