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Jul 29, 2013
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Hi to everyone. can someone help me with my DM24 Output Section Problem.I bought a second hand DM24 1 year ago and I've never used the Stereo and Insert Outputs before. Yesterday I tried to connect the Stereo XLR Out to an external device and found that the Right ch. did't work and then I changed 3 different cables to be sure that it was not the cable but there was the same problem.
After that I tried the Insert, and there was the same problem with the Right ch. - don't work.Is it possible that something is burned in the circuit of the DM24?
Thank you
The Control Room - Monitor Output and all other outputs work fine, the only problem are the Stereo Output Right chanel. and the Insert Right chanel.
I so affraid from You have some bigger problem. I don't think so that is a simple setting problem. I don't want to scare You, sorry! When i bought my dm24 by second hand i had similar problem, but it was only settings fault in the I/O. Also i thought that maybe some channel panorama incorrect, but if other output wors fine, i think it has some circuit problem. It is only my opinion, i hope i'm wrong.
Referring to the service manual on page 51 are the connections for the Outputs and the Inserts, and i think that the problem is the U503 component on the Main Board.Referring to the part number on page 69 it's the 9167040700 - IC,NE5532N integrated circuit chip before the Output ch.R and Insert ch.R.The real problem is the Mounting Type: Through Hole.That means is soldered on the board and for replacing must be unmounted everything before that board.
Own a DM24 as well.
If you open up your console, as written in this document: ... cement.pdf

It is fairly easy to disassemble the output circuit board. If I remember correctly all components needed for the output section are on that small circuit board. Check soldering points and replace NE5532 U503.
U503 carries left and right channel BTW.

I'll check again when I'm at home, have the complete service manual there with all schematics.
Thank you for the replay, I will order the part number U503.On the scheme it carries the Right section on the outputs.If it carries both L. and R. ch. why the problem is only in the Right channels of my mixer ?The Left Out and Insert work fine.I will replace it for sure the U503.Here's another good manual how to open and replace the Display on the DM24.Thank's


  • DM24 - How to Open Step by Step.pdf
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I will leave the NE5532N from Fairchild on the board, the other chips have a different Max Supply Voltage including the NE5532AP from Texas Instrument.Thanks
As a work around, you could always use the assignable outputs as stereo main out into your outboard mastering devices, and return them thorough assignable inputs and or tape ins for monitoring and sending to a connected recorder/DAW.

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