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Mar 13, 2014
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So, I am a one man gang (and I bet a LOT of us are) and I record everything, and all of the instruments.
It's the way it is.
Long story short I am always right in front of the 3200 and I am getting a lot of interference with my guitars.
I am guessing/thinking that it is the screen in the DM causing this issue.
I can turn around so that I am not facing the board and it minimizes the sound.
It is an odd sound not a buzzing like a grounding issue.
This is cramping my work flow, but I guess I am gonna have to learn to deal with it.
Has anyone else noticed this, or is this a commonly know thing, or is my 3200 special?
You don't explain how you are getting the guitar through the board? Direct using Tascam preamp? Mic to input channel? If mic'd, is it buzzing in the amp? Take the DM out of the equation and see if in the same position you are getting the buzzing with your DM powered off. Definitely not the screen causing this. My guess is that a power source close to your DM is causing interference with your pickups. I had a similar situation that drove me crazy whenever I tracked guitar or vocals in front my DM. It turned out that the electrical panel for my house, which is in the same room perpendicular to the DM, was the source of the interference. Walking closer to the panel with either a mic or guitar and hearing the weird tone getting louder proved my suspicions.
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Straight out of a Boss GT10 spdif into the 3200. It is the same thing if I use a DI box and go in via XLR.
Since posting I have been trying various things to see if I can put my finger on it.
So far, the only thing that works is to get at least 8-10 feet away from the 3200.
It is the same with all of my guitars. Single coils in the Strats and the humbuckers in my Les Paul and Ibanez guitars.
It's kind of odd really.
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I'd try to find the source of the interference with a microphone as described above. It's not the DM sounds like a ground loop or interference from a power source. Kind of hard to diagnose as we don't know the details of your power wiring. I'd start with making sure you have a power conditioner and a voltage regulator in your electrical path. I'd include a UPS unit in the chain as well. In my opinion these components are essential by offering protection from power spikes as well as making sure the cleanest power is getting to your equipment.
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I am using Furman power conditioners, but haven't bought a UPS yet.
I appreciate the help. It's the weekend and I have some free time, so I feel like I am going to get something figured out.
My luck it is the electrical wiring in my house.
Again, thanks.
You still didn't explain your power chain. Good luck.
The Boss GT10, the 3200, and my monitors are plugged into the Furman Rack mounted power conditioner that is plugged straight into the wall. I am trying to keep what I am using at a minimum to have less to worry about.
"electrical wiring in the house."

Ah yes - the common demon to many a home studio's noise issues. I'm not saying it's your primary challenge, but if you haven't inspected the main box, breaker and grounding system lately, you might want to do so. And in the company of a licensed electrician. It's worth the investment.

Grounding problems are Numero Uno culprits: anything with a large AC motor in the dwelling (refrigerators), become noticeably intrusive, and just about any source capable of interference leaks into your studio environment.

Audio cables crossed with electrical feeds; gtr efx with 'Beijing Shielding Deficit" don't help either. Electric instruments with internal wiring issues - single and double coil equipped - tube amps, unbalanced connections...etc .etc etc. A big can of worms, and any single one can cause what you describe.

So - it may be the DM3200 causing the noise, but probably not. It's just one more element in a trouble-prone scenario. The good news is, it's all fixable. :)

I finally made the hum/noise go away.
And, I can make it stay away as long as I leave the PC turned off.
Of course Sonar X3 is difficult to work with when the PC is off.
I guess I have an issue with case fans or the PSU fan.
My plan is to relocate the computer tower and see how that works.

Again, I appreciate all of the input and suggestions.
My auto mechanic introduced me to an electrical contractor who was in the shop one day. The guy came over evaluated my needs - which were quite simple, and a new line up my studio, got me some sexy orange power outlet covers and I've been happy with clean power ever since.

Yay me!
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I realize that the thread has completed, but for those building a small studio, FWIW, I installed a descrete power circuit from my main power panel to one outlet near my rig. I Installed a 20 amp breaker at the top of the panel, moving everything else down, theorizing that this is where the cleanest power on the panel is going to be. The I used 12guage wire (yellow-20 amp max) from the CB directly to the one 20 amp outlet. Everything comes off of that outlet, not to mention all the tracking/drum room outlets downstairs are on the same circuit. No lights on this circuit. Outlets only. With Everything on, including DM, Gear, Computer, 2 reel to reels, and other equipment, I am only drawing 750 watts or about 6.25 amps on a 20 amp line. Although I first go through Furmans for everything, I have not had a single ground loop (since all grounds are tied together on this circuit) or noise problem.

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