Dm3200 and Logic x setup - help!

Adam James Wakeling

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Oct 13, 2014
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Hi all,

I have a DM3200 that is connected to a new 27" Apple IMac via usb and FireWire. I am running Logic pro x.

I have a real problem trying to set it all up. I am getting no sound through the desk and am getting no signals into Logic. I did have it working but now there is nothing.

i also want to control the tracks in Logic with the faders on the DM3200, but I can't see anything in Logic to set this up.

Any help would be really appreciated!
Hi Adam,

To have your faders work with the dm3200, you will need to go to "Logic Pro X"- "control surfaces"-"Setup". From there you will install 1 Mackie control and 2 Mackie control extenders. Mackie Control's usb port should be set to "DM-3200Remoteport 1" and the extender's should set to ports 2 and 3. if you don't see those ports make sure your usb drivers are installed. As far as the audio, My first question is, can here any audio playing from iTunes if you use firewire for your audio out in setting? because if you can then make sure you have correct drive selected in Logic Pro.

I hope this helps
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Hi Gualterino,

Thanks for the info. However, I still am unable to get any sound from the Mac into the mixer. The midi keyboard doesn't register either.

In Logic I have selected the IF FW/DM mk II for both input and output.
The mackie control and extender are set to 1 & 2, but I stil have no sound.

Im completely at a loss!

There are a number of reasons why you're not getting audio - involving the Mac as well as the DM. It's impossible to know what your issue(s) is/are without more info.

Are you able to use TMCompanion? And if so, do you know how to make screen shots? You should upload shots of your Routing Screens, and screenshots of your Logic Peripheral/Device menu(s). (I don't use Logic, so can't advise on that).

Without knowing exactly how your rig is set up, your routing choices, etc etc, it's all a shot in the dark.

I am having a similar problem. I have a Tascam DM3200 setup on an apple mac running Sierra over a firewire card. I have the firewire card setup fine and sound routing back to Logic without issue. I am trying to get the midi controls setup so that logic can physically control the faders and visa versa as well as the play / record / rewind / ff buttons but I am struggling. I realise it could be 100 different things so I am am attaching some some screenshots in the hope that some kind sole will help me troubleshoot it. Thanks in advance.

I have screenshots of the mac midi setup and the Logic midi setup but it wont let me upload them for security reasons. ? so I have put them on google drive here


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Just to be clear, you are trying to set up control surface in Logic using Remote Layer on the DM3200 and mix in the box. I can't get to Google Drive at the moment because it's blocked from where I work. The DM3200 screenshots look fine from what I see. Nothing needs to be changed from default except the machine control entries which you already have. Is your DM3200 MIDI connection working? Can you connect to it with the TMC application?

Did you follow the Logic documentation?
Hi Thank you for coming back to me. I actually resolved it last night. I had not set the desk to Remote on the layer status section. once I clicked this button it started to work. In fairness it is not in the official doc but it is in the instructions I was working off and I just did not read it correctly. thanks again.
help people!
I'm trying to learn how to use and setup my DM3200 with Logic 9.1.3
I have the FI-FW card (its the card only with 24 in/out)
I REEAALLY need help to set the whole thing up..
basically I don't care about all the USB-control of Logic with DM3200, but I NEED to have my outputs in Logic, out on the faders and channels on the DM3200..
Can somebody please tell me how to do ?
Not enough info.

There are IF/FW MK1 drivers that work with latest versions of Windows & Mac.

Question 1. Is the card configured and working in your OS?
Question 2. If it does, did you read the link above with instructions on how to set it up with Logic?
hi thanks for reply.. kinda lost here
its this card:
I've downloaded the driver for OS Snowleopard 10.6.6
and my DAW (Logic 9.1.3) are showing me the outputs)
I need to find out how it works, how I can assign Logics outputs, back on the mixer
How to route and what's the best way for you? The DM3200 has many ways to do this. I suggest taking the time and reading your manual first. This forum has a wealth of information. Use the forum search for how to route. Some examples here.

You also need to have some knowledge of your DAW as well..
Hi cmaffia,

I finally got my DM 3200 and have it to where it sees up to 16 faders in my DAW (Logic X). Also communication with audio is good for the 16 inputs. In setting up the DM 3200 to work with Logic, the set up guide states: "At the DM-3200’s REMOTE > EXT.CTRL screen, add two MC for Logic devices. Similarly, add one MC for Logic device in the REMOTE > MACHINE. CTRL screen. It is necessary to check the TRA radio button here in order to control Logic’s transport functions". However, it will only let me add one 'MC for Logic', but when I go to add a second, I get an error message that says "Already Assigned!". My guess is the second added MC for Logic device is to be able to bank across and have fader control for up to 32 tracks. I must be missing a step that is preventing me from adding a second MC for Logic device, but not sure what that is...
@DM NEWBEE I haven't read the Logic documentation but are you sure that they weren't referring to setting up two MC's in your DAW and not at the DM. This is what I have done in Cubase. Good luck! Peter
This same setup had me wondered as well. There is no way a second MC can be added in the DM. However I added THREE in Logic (because: DM-4800) and it seems to work just fine. All 24 faders are working both ways. Since the 3200 has only 16 faders, I guess this is exactly what you would expect. To access channels above 16, you would need to bank. Just as I need to do for channels above 24.
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HI all, I really need some help, I've bought a dm 3200 two weeks ago and I haven't been able to get any sound out of it, neither to record, I have no problem with the remote, I can control my daw (logic x) from my dm 3200 but that's all, this is my first digital mixer so...I've no Idea how to do the routing, I've tried everything, read the manual, read and follow the advices above etc. and nothing seems to work. Any body can help me with it? my operating system is mac OS Mojave ver 10.14.3.

Thanks for any information.
Just asking the obvious to confirm your setup: you DO have a FW card installed? Sound is NOT going through USB, that is only used for remote control. That would explain why you can control the faders, but sound is not routed through to Logic.

If the FW card is there, you need to check if Logic sees it in Audio Midi Configuration. If so, than report back here, so we can tick some other boxes. :)
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Yes, I've got the IFFW card installed, when I go to logic Preferences/ audio it appears in output device and input device as IFFWDM(0075), so I assume that it should work but it doesn't, tried to play anything on iTunes or spotify and there is not sound, I think the problem must be from the mixer routing setup.... or I don't know ....frustrating....
I think I know what the problem is. I assume you have speakers hooked up to your DM.
If so, then you will have to assign two channels from the Mac (not Logic) to two channels on the DM, and make sure these go to the Stereo Out.

See the screens. Sorry they are in Dutch, but you can figure it out, I'm sure. Go to Audio Midi Configuration and make sure the audio devices window is open. Then select the FW card in the list on the left. In the right hand panel you will see figure 1. Click on Configure speakers. This will open a sub windows (figure 2). Select which channel you want to use to send the normal stereo sound from your Mac to the DM. For channels 1-16 select stream 1. For 17 to 32 select stream 2.
Then select a channel for each speaker. 1 and 2 would be logical, but nothing prevents you from selecting 31 and 32 for example. Or 9 and 13. :)

Check to see if iTunes or Spotify (or any other program with sound) is sending a signal to the desk. Assuming you have routed FW channel 1 to channel 1 on the desk and so on, you would see the corresponding meters show the signal. This is essential by the way, to check any incoming signal on the desk. This means the connections are good, and if no sound, then we would have to look at the internal routing on the desk. But first we need to make sure that the routing from the Mac to the DM is setup correctly.

If this works, then it should be OK. Because the stereo out from Logic by default goes to the same stereo out as any program on the Mac.

Once this setup works, you can look at the rest of the channels to/from Logic <-> DM.

NOTE: I see you don't have the mkII version of the FW card. This should be visible in Logic as IF/FW-DM mkII instead of IFFWDM(0075). I don't know whether this card still works on later macOS.

And EDIT: I think the DM 3200 only accepts 16 of the FW channels, not sure. I'm using a DM4800. But the steps in principle are the same.

1.png 2.png 3.png
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@Marvel I could be wrong, but I believe that you have 24 tracks available to you with the first generation Fire Wire expansion card.
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I've got 16 of the FW channels,, still nothing is coming out... this is how it looks like in my computer, I'll send you photos of the routing on my dm if you like.speakers configuration.jpgspeakers configuration 2.jpg

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