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Mar 12, 2013
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Hi guys,

after 7 months of hard work, I could finally afford a pair of JBL speakers for my DM-3200. Until now, I just worked with headphones.

I made a first check with the new monitors by listening to recorded projects and suddenly I got a panning-like signal between the left and the right channel. In worst cases, I don't ever hear anything for 1.5-2 seconds. I also tried to play the signal from CDs, Youtube, or whatsoever: the panning effect goes on and on and I don't know why. The monitors are connected to each other and matched. I've checked the settings on my DM3200, but I couldn't find anything strange.

Does anybody has an idea what it could be? Or has anybody had this issue before?

Thanks a lot in advance for helpful comments.
First thing I'd try is some different cables :idea:
The cables are ok. But let's be serious: if the cables would be defective, then the signal doesn't pan ;-)
Is it panning or phasing? In other words, does the signal seem to physically displace from left/center/right - as it would if a pan pot were deliberately operated? Or, does it seem as though each separate signal moves between both sides, lacks a center trajectory, and generally doesn't seem accurate spatially? Does the bass remain centered, or does that frequency shift with the others?

Are the JBLs active or passive speakers - ie - self powered or powered by an amp? It's possible there could be something amiss with the speaker electronics if they're self powered. Or, maybe some wiring is out of phase.

Just a bunch of questions, guesses, and no real answers.

Like the Capt., I don't have a clear picture of what you're hearing. Is there a signal in addition to the program material that is panning - that is, "moving" from side across the stereo field - or are you hearing something happening to the actual program material?
Hi, thanks for both replies. I've made a complete reset of the DM3200 and it works. I don't know what happened or what has been set wrong in the past, but now it's OK.
@ Captain: the signal panned from the left to the right channel, but I found out afterwards, that only the left channel used to... Somehow I believe, that the the DM3200 console has been once wrongly set be me (however though), so that only the left channel came out in the monitors. For example, on the right channel I had a guitar solo and I didn't hear it. Anyway, if the problem occurs again, I know what to do.
Glad it's okay now.

Quite likely: when you reset your board you erased a snapshot or setting that contained a routing snafu where part or all of the stereo signal was incorrectly routed. This could happen, for example, in an Auxiliary or input channel where the stereo field is reversed or out of phase. (It pays to check the Module screen frequently; that 'phase' option can cause all sorts of strange stuff.) Maybe something similar occurred with a bus; . Or - Automation was enabled, and an automated pan or hard left/right setting happened.

Usually problems like these can be eliminated by a reset, or reloading of a backup version of a file known to be okay. Unfortunately doing so erases evidence of the issue, making future troubleshooting of similar circumstances more difficult.

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