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Oct 7, 2014
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To All:

I have a DM3200 with firewire card which, for the most part, is functioning perfectly with Sonar X3. I cannot seem to locate the firewire card on the 3200's MIDI screen as illustrated on page 91 of the User's Guide.

The MIDI device from the firewire card appears in the Sonar device list, but without seeing on the 3200's MIDI page, it cannot be configured. Therefore, I do not know what's going out of it - if anything.

Does anyone else have this issue?

- DukeOfURL
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Apparently we are in the same boat. I am also experiencing a nightmare get my dm3200's automation going with the 3200 as the master and pro tools as the slave. I am upgrading firmware tomorrow. Perhaps that's the issue?


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Actually, the automation wasn't that difficult to configure with Sonar. Ports 5 and 6 from the USB MIDI port and setting up a a couple Mackie controls in Sonar and the software was sending out MIDI Time Code to the 3200 on USB port 3 and the faders and the rest of the doo-dads were under control. I'm sure it's got to be a similar setup in Pro Tools.

My question is "where is the FIREWIRE MIDI PORT configured on the 3200"? Page 91 of the manual seems to be incorrect, both in the illustration and the paragraph below. On the 3200 MIDI screen, almost every aspect of MIDI filtering can be configured on the 3200's USB MIDI port and the [traditional] MIDI jacks. However, I have no idea how to configure the FIREWIRE MIDI port to filter data being sent out of it. Perhaps it sends everything.

Putting this posting in the wrong area of the forum didn't help as well.
You are speaking of using the dm3200 as a controller for our daw and using daw automation, easy. I am speaking of using the dm3200's internal automation. Not so easy. I have no need to use many of the midi functions of dm3200, protools is not midi friendly and I don't use a lot of virtual instrument's or plugins where this would be helpful. When I do, I prefer using my keyboard controller. Non the less, I will play around with stuff today and see what i can come up with. Not that this is anything about anything but there is a video one of the gurus in here posted and it spoke of jumping the midi out port of the dm3200 to the midi in port of your installed FireWire card. I think it was in relation to the user defined midi layer.
Yes, the Mackie stuff was for remote control of the DAW. Call me crazy, but I like to use the playback/record buttons on the 3200. The whole console looks like something Mr. Sulu would use.

Automation of the 3200 is easier than you think but admittedly, a little confusing. When broken down to smaller parts rather than trying to automate a complete mix out-of-the-gate, it can be mastered quite quickly.

1. Make sure all hardware and software is operational, USB cable from the 3200 to the PC is installed and of good quality. A USB cable from Dollar Tree is not a good thing to use here.

2. Make sure MTC is configured on the 3200’s MIDI screen; the lines should be connected on USB:3 in the diagram. If not, cursor over to the box and press enter.

3. Make sure your DAW has the 3200 USB MIDI devices listed in its valid device list. I don’t have Pro Tools but in Sonar it’s under preferences. If you don’t see it, something’s wrong and it must be fixed before going on.

4. Configure your DAW to send MTC [MIDI Time Code] through the 3200’s USB:3 port. Select a time code format such as 30nd. It doesn’t matter what you select as long it you configure the 3200’s time code for the same format on the Automation Screen.

5. Play your sequence from the DAW. You will see timecode running on the meter bridge and the 3200’s LCD screen [if configured]. If you don’t’, something’s gone wrong and has to be fixed.

6. Stop the sequence and pick your favorite fader on the 3200. You will work with one fader and one fader only while testing the automation. Mine is number 9....number 9....number 9....

7. Turn Automation to ON in the 3200’s Automation Screen.

8. Play your sequence from the DAW.

9. Press the WRITE button on the 3200 – the WRITE button LED will turn on.

10. Move your favorite fader up and down a few times.

11. Stop your sequence from the DAW – the WRITE button LED will turn off.

12. Play your sequence from the DAW and put your hands your pockets. The fader will replay your moves auto-magically.

Repeat No. 8 through 11 as many times as you need to automate your mix. When done, save your project on the 3200 and the automation will be saved along with it.

This is where the announcer usually says, "Tell him what he's won, Don Pardo"!

This is a little off-topic to trying to figure out why the Tascam documentation is wrong, but still a lot of fun. I also have seen what you're stating about jumping a cable between MIDI ports on the 3200. The User Defined Layer makes sense. But still, ALL the MIDI devices in the hardware should appear on the MIDI screen. Is it me?

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