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Nov 30, 2012
Kansas, USA
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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of moving to a DM4800 from my DM3200. I'm wondering if the tracking/mixing/automation projects from the 3200 are compatible with the 4800 (albeit with fewer channels, of course). It sure would be nice to have access to those if and when I make the move.

As always, thanks for your input! It's good to be back on the forum.

I'm not sure. You can backup to TPI files using the TMC manager. But if you can load a DM4800 session into a DM3200 or vice versa? I have no idea.
Hi Muziekschuur. Nice to talk to you again.

I back up everything to multiple places using TMC, so I could reformat a card and try to import them. I could also manually recreate EQs, dynamics, effects, etc., from the settings stored in the 3200 before I sell it. Still, that would lose the automation data, which is nice to have, as a few of my clients will remix a tune months after it's been "done".

Fingers crossed I can keep that info!

Bad news! They are not compatibe with each other. This was confirmed by RedBus back in the Old Forum.
Thanks Jarno!

Looks like I'll have to hold off a couple months just to be sure there will be no remixes of this current project.

Good to see familiar faces from the old forum!

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