DM3200 & DM4800 setup with Sonar (elaborate version)


Sep 29, 2012
Gear owned
Tascam DM24
Here is the most elaborate version of the Tascam mixer & Sonar setup guide I could find. Sonar uses a particular part of the MCU standard... (eh... standard..... it's all different for all the major DAW's.... It's just..... IT LOOKS SOMEWHAT THE SAME....)

Please look at page 47 .....


  • Tascam DM-4800 Sonar Setup.pdf
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Hello again,

I am back at it. I've been away from my project over a year. Captain & Crew, thank you for supplying the much needed information. However, through brute force, I've learned quite a bit on my own. Yet, this information you've give me, will help greatly with my new learning curve. The DM 4800 is a wondrous beauty. She has forced me to be even more creative and develop newer techniques to accomplish particular task.

I'll do better and start keeping in touch.
Thanks again for answering my blog.

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