DM3200 (Effect only come out RIGHT side) ???


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Sep 29, 2012
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DM3200 DM24
The subject column explains it all, It's like when I apply reverb or an echo to a panned audio signal thats on the left, I hear the effect on the right side.

I want to hear it on the left where the audio is panned to.

Any ideas ?

I even reset my DM3200 to factory default, made all my necessary settings again
TDIF 1-8, TDIF 9-16, TDIF 17-24
Busses etc, etc

I then went to find an effect, brought up a track with a vocal (chorus) left and right
I apply effect to the one on the left, yet it sounds dry still, but you hear the effect on the right. ??????????

Please Help, thanks
Any ideas, anybody !!!!!! (Dohhhh)

I just don't get it, what did I touch (this is driving me nuts)

AUX 1-2 (Pan is CENTERED), AUX 1-2 (Level are set to POST and turn down)

AUX 3-4 are set just the same as above

I bring up a vocal on trk15 and pan it toward the left, I hold down the GREEN select button which brings me to: Dynamics:EQ:Aux/Buss:Setup screen
I add effect to taste, and still it ONLY comes out on the right side.

It's like if I add effects to anything, it all comes out toward the right of: headphones, monitors, etc.

I'm missing something, just dont know what it is.

It did work once before, as I said, I don't know WHAAAT happened. I touched nothing out of the ordinary. I was able to add reverb to a VOCAL track on the left and one on the right, easy breezy, I've done plenty of recordings, studio sessions, but apparently I-----am---missing----something.
Could be several things. But I'm going with this: you accidently called up a snapshot with a weird setting - perhaps Aux/Return/Efx with skewed panning.

Temporary solution: save your Project, then call up a previous Session that you know didn't feature this problem. Go to the Aux/Return channels, study the panning, library settings, etc etc. If all is right, save this to a new Snapshot, containing the routing and efx. Next, go back to your problematic file, call up that new Snapshot (choosing to overwrite the current Aux/Efx settings) and see if it resolves the problem.

Well, let me ask the stupid question, since I can't find the answer,in your posts... When you bring up the effect send, are you sending it to both AUX 1 and 2?

I would say yesto your response, when i bring up the effect send
(SENDS ARE) - EFF 1-L INPUT CH33 + -EFF 2-R INPUT CH34, so if i push up those channels i hear the effect (still toward the right)

Aux 1-2 are up as well, which in ROUTING, my EFFECT SEND1 - is set to 1-Aux1, 2-Aux2, and EFFECTS SEND2 - is set to 1-Aux3, 2-Aux4
Are your return faders assigned to the Stereo pair?
When you unassign them as a stereo link, do hear both left and right?
think i got it

i changed my EFF 1-L/EFF 2 to channels CH 27-INP&RET/ CH 28-INP&RET

Now when I pan 27 & 28 left and right, I can hear the effect on any channel (left & right) if I want it completely left, I turn 27&28 to the left, same goes for the right.

However i don't recall having set it this way before, but i know you can route this board many ways. Since I purchased the board I made my settings and never looked back (since all was the way I wanted and needed it to be for recording sessions). To side step my mishaps during sessions for effects I used Digital Performer 7's effects, and no one knew otherwise.

I guess never take things for granted.

Channels (1-8), (9-16),(17-24) all have (INP/RET) Input & Returns

Channels (33-40) only have (INP), and this is where I had my EFFECTS (33,34), (35,36) routed to, hence the reason I heard it only out of ONE side. DUUUGHHHH

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