DM3200 firewire to mac (question)


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Sep 29, 2012
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DM3200 DM24
I currently use MOTU 2408 mkII with my G5, however I am getting a XEON coming in soon. Just wanted to know I will no longer need to use my 2408 MKII if I use my FIREWIRE out DM3200 directly into FIREWIRE into the MAC right ? I used the 2408 strictly to have 24 channels directly IN/OUT.

I will be using DP8 and LOGIC 9, and hopfully PRO-TOOLS 10 on the same system.

Just wanted to know if I should bypass that, and has anyone done it, or, is using this method now and it works well.

Thank You.
That's exactly what I did when I bought my DM3200.. sold my 2408 mkII and run 32 channels of 24-bit 96khz audio from the Firewire buss. It's been working great for a solid year now, and I'm running both Digital Performer and Logic Pro. Not a single drop-out in 12 months of daily operation.
When you say "FireWire," you are talking about an IF-FW/DMmkII expansion card, right?
Solid as a rock. Go for it.

You might even find it sounds better than your 2408. My rig sure did, but I think that was because my old digital mixer was... well... old. So it sounded kind of "cloudy" by comparison to the DM.
I just got my DM3200 and am setting it up with a RADAR 24tr machine. Will this card make DAW I/O available as channel inserts? I'd like to mix on the board and use DAW plug-Ins as channel inserts, but I can't tell if the IF-FW i/o is available at that point in the signal path.

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