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Apr 20, 2014
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Hello, I am writing from Santiago de Chile my dear friend . I have seen in the forum you are the right man when "DM " is about.I have my DM3200 recently and managed to use it fairly well for a period of time until I needed to format my pc and restart charging software and drivers , so I decided to also reset the console (Great mio error)I managed after setting the HUI protocol , operate transport and moving the faders on the " remote" in the console, move in protools 10, but if I move the fader in protools 10 I fail to move in the DM3200 .In protools 11 is not even that would work managed the transport of the DM . I'm pretty complicated setup and greatly appreciate your kind help in this regard. With the interface I have not had any problems , achieving record without difficulties, it is only with the control surface where you can not get the absolute functionality.Thank you very much !

Attached is a picture of the HUI protocol configuration. Me an "X" appears on the top left.

PS : Sorry for my bad English
The 'X' means that communication between the DM and Protools isn't complete. This could be cause by several things: a USB port is busy with something else, or maybe your ProTools DEVICE settings aren't correct.

It would be helpful if you could upload a screen shot of your ProTools Device/Peripheral/Sync settings.

Also - your Tascam Mixer Companion software is capable of taking .PNG shots of your DM's screen. Anything appearing on that screen can be captured in TMC using the Screen Shot menu. This provides much clearer images than using a camera phone. Same with your PC; you can make screen shots there as well. If you don't know how, click on Windows HELP menu, placing the words Screen Shot in the SEARCH menu.

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Hi Sinusoide,

Nice to have a member from Chile with us - I had a friend with a winery there who produced beautiful red wine (Cabernet style).

Try these settings - they work for me with the DM and PT9: Ctrl PT.png Ctrl PT.png

You will also need to setup HUI in PT:
Setup->Peripherals->MIDI Controllers - and select
Receive from = 320032001
# Channels = 8
and repeat for 320032002 and 320032003

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Thanks for the kind help either ... I followed your advice but I have not managed to solve the problem. So far my DM3200 sísico transport of works, motorized faders move only if the console makes move in protools, but not in the reverse way, ie moving a fader in protools to move in the DM3200.

Try setting Drumstruck as I suggested, but I use protools standard and not HD. But equally I could not correct the problem.

Deputy archive images to see if they can help.

I use PC with windows 7 64 bits. updated with service pack1.




Drumstuck: I like when my friend, I send a Chilean wine ..
Captdan: I am adding more screenshots taking screenshots of the PC
A few things strike me - among them - my Spanish is really bad. :) But, if you could make one other screen shot in PT10: Devices/MIDI Controllers. I think that's where one problem is. It seems you don't have bi-directional HUI control, probably because it wasn't set up that way in PT.

Second - you've got MTC Generate selected in your MMC menu. Is Protools locking to the DM transport? If so, you've got things set up right. However, it's possible you won't have the DM's RECord button available. There's an alternate set up where you can receive time code from PTools, and have full transport function as well. I can explain that at another time.

Finally - it's common that your TMCompanion won't be available when ProTools is loaded. (That's why you might be getting that screen message.) You might try loading TMC first, leaving it onscreen or minimized, then load ProTools. If PT loads okay without any messages or warnings, see if TMCompanion is still available. If it isn't, you may not be able to use TMC and PTools together without finding where the exact conflict is. You might have a device already assigned to USB5/6.

Keep us posted.

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As Dan already told: please post a screenshot of:
"Periféricos | Contoladores MIDI"
I like to translate subway ads from Spanish to keep myself occupied. Would love to know what a deputy image is. :D

Your ProTools settings look correct. It's hard to say why you're not getting bi-directional control between PT and DM. There's possibly a conflict someplace.

Try this: power off your PC. Unplug all the USB devices. Then, power up your DM3200, and the PC in that order. Attach each USB cable again, letting Win7's plug-and-play feature recognize each device. Next, load TMC, and after its menu appears, close TMC. Then, go to the ProTools Icon, and RIGHT CLICK. Choose 'Run As Administrator'. Once Ptools loads, select a session, then try your HUI control again.

If that solves the problem, great. If not, we'll have to try something else.

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Master CaptDan. I have achieved all functionality in "PT11" but something happened to run "PT10" as administrator when opening and collapsing profit not hecharlo walking. Anyway already solved one of the "mysteries" of feedback from motorized faders, which obviously correspond to the typical problems that we PC users.

Thank you and hope to see what happens now with protools, but seems to be a "minor" problem.

Anything I can help you, if you visit my country or what you like, I will be attentive to serve.

e-mail: contacto at sinusoide dot cl
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everything is working ok now my great friends!

Honestly I was very puzzled, because it was a very strange fault ... but thanks to you it's all back!
Glad it's all working now. Hopefully, you have an idea what caused the problem so, if it happens again, you can fix it more quickly.

Thanks for your kind offer; it would be great to visit your country one day. :)

thank you again!

By the way, when they want to travel to Chile, is a matter of taste and warn receive them.
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Hello, i got the Tascam Dm4800 this Week, works well but when i go to pheripherals screen on PT 10 and select midi ports 5 to 7 Protools gets crashed, help me please, i’ve tried everything, also i have SONAR and there is no problem, only on Protools, thank you. NOTE: I’ve set hui emulate, and followed the steps but it doesn’t works, protools going crashed always, sorry about my English, i’m from Colombia
Yes and I did this exactly as says at the document, the problem is the peripherals screen, when I click ok Protools 10 goes crashed and anything happend.
@Santiago Mora If you had access to Logic Pro X for example you could try setting up the controller there. At least you would determine if Pro Tools was the problem or not. By the way, I believe that the 4800 requires the use of three ports as described in the documentation that I pointed to in my earlier post. I do not use the full version of Pro Tools but have used Pro Tools First and did not experience the issue(s) that you describe

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