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Dec 7, 2014
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Hi. I Can't seem to get any sound through the desk to Logic pro 9 on a G5. Sound coming back through is fine, just can't seem to get any input say from a mic/guitar through into the DAW - Really frustrated. Any help in setting up routing would be much appreciated

DM3200 Driving me mad, love hate relationship and I'm possibly gonna divorce it

Struggling to get sound through the desk to Logic Pro 9 on the G5 Mac. Need to get recording as I seem to be wasting my life fiddling with routing I NEED HELP PLEEEEEEEAAASE
Are you using the FireWire card for your interface?

The DM routing doesn't have to be confusing. Just realize that there is no set path for anything. Virtually nothing is routed to anything unless you make it so. Mic/line inputs, Firewire I/O slots, everything can be routed wherever you want it to go. The downside of this massive flexibility is that it takes a bit more work to set up a DM, but it's totally worth it.

Check this thread for enlightenment.
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Merged the two threads by OP. Please don't start multiple threads about the same issue.
Thanks guys, I will try your suggestions out and get back.

I am running the desk with the latest FW fire wire and software. I have it linked through a dedicated Mac G5 running Logic Pro 9.

I can get sound through the desk from a mic when in the stereo monitoring position but no sound goes into the DAW and I can't play back from the DAW. If however I select monitoring button SEL 1 (aux 1-2) hey presto sound through the desk and monitors from logic but no mic input or sound from the line in at all.

Also I only seem to have the first bank of slider (8) automated. I do have the USB as well as the FW for the automation

The manual seems little help to me at present, it appears to have been written in Klingon!

I can't advise on specifics with Logic 9. But if you've installed your DM's Firewire (DMFWMII) drivers correctly, when you look in Logic's [device/peripherals] menu(s), you should see something that looks like this:


etc to either 16 or 32.

etc through 32
.......and possibly:
etc through 32.

Just get THIS much done: verify that you can access a menu that even vaguely resembles the foregoing in Logic.

Thanks CaptDan

This is where it gets a bit scary for me, why because i can't even find anything that resembles Logic (device/peripherals) menu.

Are these supposed to be in the preferences section of Pro Logic because I can't find anything there in any of the sub groups, general, audio,midi or any such like.

where should I be looking.

Sorry for being a pain.

I hope this helps.

First: ensure the IF-FW drivers are selected in logic by going to "preferences" then "audio" . There it will show you which drivers are currently active.

Second: Add an audio track this will be added to the logic mixer This is where you will make your input and output selections.

Third: Goto the Logic mixer, right above the fx box you should see "In1-2" click on that and the drop down menu will show all the available channels. Output is done the same way, it appears below the sends as "St Out" until you change it.
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Sort if I' m being a little thick here, but could you just explain what you meant in step 3 a little clearer please as I can't see In1-2 or St Out in the Logic mixer.

What part are you referring to as the fx box?



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