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Aug 12, 2014
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hey guys :) it's me again :D

I found this guy on youtube

my question is how can i use the EQ / Compresor and Efects from the tascam in to Sonar
' he is russian so i don't understand him '

PS: I have SONAR X2 Producer and i don't know what DAW he is using ... i trie to found out
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Hello again Renegat.

What are you intending to do? Print the DM compressor/efx into Sonar tracks? Or, run Sonar tracks into the DM where the effects are added for monitoring purposes only?

It doesn't matter what DAW is being used; the process for either of those two methods is identical for all of them.

Please - describe the EXACT goal you're going for. I'd rather not waste my time or yours describing a method that isn't going to provide you the results you seek.

so ...from the start ...

exemple ... i gonna record a bass guitar and i don't wanna use sonar to proces that singnal after recording ; EQ / COMP / Gate etc etc ... i wanna use the tascam ...

is not the same thing working with software or the tascam ... i like the touch of the knob

i don't know if i explain my self but let me put it this way ... a wanna use the tascam for mix and master not some software ( DAW's )
i'm goin crazy over here ...for four hours continuously trying to routh the tascam ...
PS : in the video he has not selectet any of the busses ... it's like the chanels 17-32 are conected directly whit the DAW ... how he do that ?
You describe the exact method that I and many folks here use all the time. It's called "OTB' - mixing Out Of The Box. That means your audio will stream from Sonar through your DM where you add or combine compression/limiting/eq/efx, along with pan settings and fader levels - all of which are assigned to the DM's STereo Bus. Then, that stereo mix is sent either back to Sonar to be printed as a Stereo Mix, or to another device - DAT, mastering recorder, tape, etc etc.

Does that sound like what you're trying to do? If so, there are MANY MANY posts on this BASIC topic on this forum. Have you tried searching for topics like:

1. Mixing Out of the Box ('OTB')
2. Input Bypass method
3. Nondestructive adding of efx
4. Assigning efx to Auxes and Sends

If not, you would probably find the answer(s) to your questions simply searching the messages here. And if you already have and still can't figure out what to do, let us know and we'll take it from there.

Tomorrow. :)

TascMan has a post about it :arrow:Go To ALT/ROUTING/Input tab. Look at channels 1-16. You probably have M/L set as the input for 1-16, which would be correct (normally). But what about the space below that for each channel? Where it says RTN? Try setting that to TDIF 1 (for channels 1-8) and TDIF2 (for 9-16) and TDIF3 (for 17-24). Now, when you are done tracking to your MX, go back to this input page and move the curser down to source invert and press enter. CHs 1-8 will now be using TDIF1 (your MX return output signal) as an input source for those channels. Do it again for 9-16. If you had another TDIF cable, you could use that as well for channels 17-24. Now, you can mix your tracks using the DM utilizing the internal effects, internal automation, and routing to bring it all down to two stereo channels, which will have to be recorded somewhere else. :confused::confused:
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i think i got it :) some one let me know if i'm right

so, the TDIF sent back and forth the sinagl in to the DM and if i have like a motu 2408 mkiii i can use the EQ and COMP from the bord ... Am I right?

or is there a other method to do it ?
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it's working :D but now i got another problem ... i'm trying figure out what i'm doing wrong :)
it's working :D but now i got another problem ... i'm trying figure out what i'm doing wrong :)
Had to laugh at this post...."Its working, but now.....I've got to figure out what I did wrong"....LOL. Been there.

OK. You do not need a 2408 anywhere in the chain. I believe you have an MX2424, is that right? And you have it hooked up with the TDIF Cables? Well, that would be EXACTLY like the way the guy in the video has his hooked up. He recorded directly into his mx2424 (not exactly sure what he recorded into, just guessing). Now, he is playing back what he recorded and is mixing on the DM. As Dan said, this is common practice to mix out of the box (OTB). The post I send you, that you quoted, is the proper routing for assigning the MX2424 returns back into the DM for mixing. When it sounds right, send it out the DM's stereo buss and record that.

As for an overall picture for effects use in the DM3200;
You can assign separate EQ, Gate and Compression/Limiting to every individual channel, from CH1-32, from within the channel's module screen, mainly because these are "serial" effects, and are typically used at a 100%mix. The full signal goes in, gets effected, then the full effected signal comes out.
The two TC effects on the DM should be more thought of as two parallel effect busses. For example, imagine having one really good stereo reverb and a really good delay in your studio, then assigning a varying bit of signal from each individual track to that one reverb and/or delay, to be lightly mixed into the stereo mix buss. That's how the TC effects are setup in the DM. As two stereo (or dual mono) parallel effects. You cannot have multiple, individual instances of these effects assigned to multiple, individual channels. But you CAN/WOULD have multiple, individual channels assigned and mixed to these two stereo effect busses.
New to this (admittedly old) thread. But hoping to glean some advice from you experts out there. I'm in process of setting up my studio again after purchasing a Tascam DM-3200 and really would like some advice on how to best cable up my equipment for 16 track simultaneous recording AND 4-bus Monitoring AND 24-track Mixing out of the box with machine control/automation. (If that is all possible.)
My setup is this:
-XP Machine w 2GB RAM, separate C: drive and clean server-class recording drive.
-Sonar Producer 8.5
-Motu 2408 mk2
-DM-3200 (no Firewire card.)
-4-channel headphone amp.

I currently have the DM-3200 cabled directly to all 3 banks of Motu via 3 TDIF cables. ( have not yet set up any routing on DM3200.)
I have an 8-channel TRS snake that I could use for patching to headphone amp....
I have word clock BNC cable.

I would think it would be optimal to clock from Tascam via Word Clock cable setting it as master and Motu as slave - though I currently have it the other way around and it's happy.
I have used a DM-1000 in past with 1 TDIF to Motu, and then also added a Presonus ADAT for 1 8-channel bank and then also used the 8 channels of analog input. That all worked fine. Though I never did mixing out of box with that setup. I also just used the Motu Cuemix software for monitoring, though the latency was a bit annoying.

Now that I have the DM-3200 with all these fancy capabilities, I just want to know how to best cable it up with my setup and then correctly set up the routing on it. Any and all advice MUCH appreciated!!

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