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Jun 1, 2014
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Hey a buddy and I are talking 'bout making our 2 separate studios into one. Im a cubase user and he is a pro tools 11 user. And i was wondering will we being able to use my dm3200 as a control surface transport and faders++ like i do in cubase.
In a word: YES.

If you look in this Forum's 'manuals/drivers' menu, you'll find the MMC/REMote manual for setting up the DM with PTools. You'll have same access to features as you do in Cubase, although several keystrokes are a bit different. Also, when performing automated mixes OUTSIDE THE BOX (OTB), Ptools has to be configured differently than when it's set for tracking.

I can't seem to find the mmc remote doc... can you give me a link? Thanks!

Its so good to be back on this form. Haven't been here since the site went down some years ago...
Sudden USB/HUI/MMC communication disconnects are usually a function of software or driver conflicts. They can also happen when devices aren't booted up in the right order (usually the DM is booted first). Occasionally, loading and unloading applications causes dropped coms as well. Don't ask me how I know. :)

The HUI protocol is in full effect in PT11. The secret is to have the console on with a PT project ready to go in the Remote layer. Then you'll be just fine.
Ok thanks will try it next week. What has better adda and stuff dm3200 or focusrite saffire? Thats what he is currently using...
What has better adda and stuff dm3200 or focusrite saffire? Thats what he is currently using...

Tascam. At very least - both are more or less equal. I think the only brand more over-rated than FocusRite is 'Apology.' :) Then again, they both deserve credit for good marketing.

And - 'apologies' for my glib post.

What CaptDan said. Once AVID let other audio interfaces be used with PT9, it was open season! I sold my Digi003 Rack and have never looked back. My DM4800 is ALL I need - outside of my ears!
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Not to hijack the subject of another thread, but I'm looking SERIOUSLY at the Tascam UH700o. It's got the conversion; it's got the pre amps. It's good to go - (which might also describe one of my outboard pres going on ePay to Pay for one.) :)
So, to update the PO's question: the UH7000's conversion is most likely superior to Apology(tm), FauxCussRite(tm), and even - (dare I suggest it?) the DM's 'native' conversion as well.

(Please excuse stupid spelling morphs; it's a disease I've never beaten. :geek:

Ok CaptDan - keep us posted.
ok so we hooked it up yesterday.. everything works fine. but we are both new to HUI. can we sett up the F1-12 buttons on set dm for more control? Like undo, punch in, zoom and so on. like I have with mackie control on cubase?
Yes. The F1-12 buttons are all available with Ptools. However, in several cases you have to add the 'DM'S 'Control Key' along with the F key to access those functions.
It's a 'two-handed-approach.'

The 'Undo' function you see on the DM's MMC key pad pertains to Automated mixes; specifically - the function means the most recent Automix maneuver added to the instruction file is Undone. It doesn't have anything to do with rejecting a Ptool edit or recording. That's what your PC (Mac) keyboard is for.

That said, there's another avenue available - the 'User Defined Layer.' Our resident HUI expert - 'Jamsire' - has gone where no DM engineer has gone before - not in the Starship Enterprise - but the Spaceship 'DM.' Virtually any available DAW function (plug in control) can be accessed using this approach. Do a search here for those words: 'User Defined Layer.' And watch Jamsire's excellent video on the subject.

Many of us have opted to add a wireless transport (like Frontier's TranZport) for more comprehensive (and remote) DAW control. Various functions requiring two keystrokes on the DM can be accessed more easily on the TranZport, along with a separate Function key menu for custom settings. Something to think about.

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I like all the post but still not getting what I need ... DM 3200 with firewire Pro tools 11 windows 7 premium ...Firewire not working error is no update drivers ???
I like all the post but still not getting what I need ... DM 3200 with firewire Pro tools 11 windows 7 premium ...Firewire not working error is no update drivers ???

First - the pleasantries: Welcome! We hope to help you become better acquainted with your (very powerful) mixer. Please read the manual(s) (RTFMs) and search this forum for specific topics.

Now - for the rant:...............PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Begin a NEW thread with separate Subject Header when you're starting out here. We have NO idea what your issues are, what versions of drivers you're using, and even if you have the LATEST version of the FireWire card!

When you append a question to an OLD THREAD like this, you not only confuse the readers, you're FAR less likely to get a response. Then, you'll become even more frustrated, leave the forum, and post on Facebook, Harmony Central, Gear Addix (tm), etc, that the Tascam Forum is populated by arrogant jerks who won't help you.

So, go to the DM3200/4800 Forum (this one) and post a NEW SUBJECT - maybe: Help With PT11! Or something along those lines. I'm not trying to be a jerk; rather, I'd prefer your issue be seen by as many people as possible and that your problem is solved quickly as possible.

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Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone on this forum for helping keep my stuff up and running. It's been many things over the years but most recently moving from working in the X48 to Pro Tools 11. CaptDan, Jasmire, Gravity Jim your posts have been so valuable getting everything running smoothly (for the most part) and synced up properly.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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