DM4800 and Logic Pro playback via IF-FW.DM card


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Nov 9, 2012
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This is all very new to me and so I am still discovering how to fully use the system. I can send inputs to Logic and record them via the Firewire Interface card but have had no success yet in getting the outputs from Logic to be returned to the desk. I have tried various permutations but obviously I am doing something wrong as the desk remains silent and does not show any incoming signal from Logic.
The Firewire interface is installed in Slot3 and appears to be functioning correctly from the mixer display (Digital button).
Has anyone got any ideas or any suggestions for documentation regarding using Logic with the Firewire interface.


Problem has now been sorted. It appears that updating the MAC to the latest software (Mountain Lion), Firewire card to Latest firmware and also updates to Logic Pro has solved the issues.
in my dm3200 ive set in input rounting 17 to 24 i ve set firewire card slot 1-1 slot 1- 2...and it owrk fine

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