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Nov 17, 2012
New Zealand
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Tascam DM4800 + Firewire card

Just a quick question, I run logic audio 9 with my dm4800 via the FireWire card. My question is, how does pro tools communicate with the desk and computer? Does it work the same way or would I have to buy a pro tools hardware unit?

I might have to do an install but use pro tools instead, but I'm not a pro tools user so just trying to figure it out what is a good solution.

Cheers, thanks for any help.
(i'm not logic user)
it depends on what do You want to achieve..., and what type of communication You want to get ...
dm as audio interface for pt and logic (in same time )?
dm as remote controller for pt and logic (in same time ???)
i've got dm3200 (connected via usb) with if/fw mkII (connected via fire wire)
so i've got 32 i/o interface (i can freely assign any physical input and output to any of 32 i/o if/fw mkII ) , 2 physical midi input and output 1 physical midi thru/mtc out, and pro tools remote controller (via macke hui protocol)
I hope it will help You a little
Best ;)
You have to think about the various roles your board will play. In my case I have a DM4800 > FW card > protools but I could have used another DAW like Logic.

When tracking live instruments I use the DM primarily as an audio interface into your DAW with the benefit of zero latency monitoring because you are listening to the audio direct from the board before it goes to your DAW. You can of course route the DAW-processed tracks back into the board and listen to that as well, but keep in mind that if you mix live sound and processed sound there will be some latency issues.

Once mixing, at least in my case, I'm primarily using the board on its remote layer as a control surface to make changes in pro tools.

You should be able to configure the board to act as a control surface for Logic just as easily as pro tools.

Good luck.
Yeah thanks.

It's the way I work with logic but just was wondering about pro tools. I never used it and have always used logic. Sounds like you don't need any extra hardware like the digi series of input outputs etc.

Hmm I wouldn't mind trying pro tools, but you need a key right? Wish you could get a demo like you used to be able to do.
Yes - like Cubase - ProTools is iLok-ed. But you don't need to maintain a dongle in a USB slot; once the code is uploaded to the virtual 'safe,' you're good to go.

I switched to PT over a year ago; like you I'd been curious about it for years. However, I wasn't about to spring for any Avid/Digi proprietary, obsolence-prone hardware. Things changed with PT9 when it was opened to the ASIO (Firewire) world.

Rather than get into a comparative discussion about whether PTools is better, worse, or different than Logic or any other DAW, I'll leave it like this: for my workflow, the change was well worth it. However, there ARE downsides; after so many years of being a proprietary platform, some anomalies exist in PT's 'open platform' versions. Unfortunately, most of those issues are solved by spending more money on 'ToolKits,' or 'HD' upgrades. Still, PT9 (I use V10) is a damn good DAW with plenty of power and capability.........

...I suppose just like Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Reaper - or anything else a user finds gratifying.


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