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Nov 8, 2012
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I own a Dm4800 and would like to buy a used Rme Adi 8 and connecting it via tdif cable.
Dm would be master and Rme slave mode.

Do I need a word clock cable to connect them or tdif has its own word clock?

Thank you

Your TDIF is able to provide clocking frequency, as long as the RMI is able to select it as a clock source. No separate cable required I've done it the other way, that is, using TDIF to slave the DM off of my MOTU 2408, just to see it work, and it did. I don't use it that way now, I was just testing it. The same goes for spdif, ADAT, and AES/EBU.
OK Scratch that. I just looked up the interface in question and it appears that the RME Adi 8 does not have TDIF. It has 3 D-Sub jacks, one for eight channels of balanced analog inputs, one more for the same but Outputs, and one for 8 channels AES/EBU, all of which look exactly like TDIF but do NOT work the same way. These are analog jacks, (except the AES/EBU) usually setup as a snake where one end has 8 1/4" TRS or XLR plugs and the other end has these D-Sub db25 connectors. If you are buying this just for TDIF use, you will be disappointed.
That being said, it does have ADAT, AES/EBU and S/Pdif, which can clock to your DM so....very usable with your 4800. Just no TDIF.
Thank you TascMan!

I think I forgot to mention the Rme ADI model, which probabily was misleading.
I should have mentioned that is an Rme ADI 8 DS, which has 2 Tdif (one for Double Speed). This is taken from its manual:

General hints on TDIF operation
TDIF and word clock
When the ADI-8 DS is slave no additional word clock connection is necessary.

What I'm not shure of is if the Tdif of the Tascam DM4800 carries word clock signal out.

Do you think that ADI 8 DS would work in slave mode receiving word clock via Tdif connection from the DM4800?
Yes I do, based on the fact that TDIF does carry the clock signal with it as the sample rate. As stated, I have clocked off of TDIF in the past. BUUUUTTTTT!!!, in your case, it depends on the RMI unit's capability. Find the manual, and download it, (probably on sweetwater's product description) and see if this unit will clock off of external sources, particularly TDIF. I suspect it will.
2 TDIF interfaces? So will it do 16 channels at 44.1 and 48Khz and 8 channels at 88.2 and above? One last curiosity...why skip the work clock cable? Not that its any big deal, just curious.
OK, I checked the manual, and answered my own questions. It does 8 channels only in TDIF and ADAT when in 44.1 or 48Khz. The AUX digital outputs are mirroring the inputs, allowing you to send the inpiuts to another device. When your sample rate is higher, 88.2 and above, the AUX inputs are required to get more than 4 channels (up to 8) of high res digital. It uses a version of SMUX, call Bit Spliting, or BS for short (ha ha).
As for your original question, here's a part of the manual....
"7. Clock Section
The ADI-8 DS provides an outstanding clock section with professional features you won't find anywhere else. The unique Intelligent Clock Control (ICC) enables a flexible operation with internal clock (44.1 and 48 kHz, in DS mode 88.2 and 96 kHz), external word clock or the digital input signals. These options are easy to understand and easy to use thanks to a clear display of the corresponding lock and sync state.
The clock source of the AD-converter can be Internal (quartz crystal), External (BNC word clock). and Input (the digital input signal TDIF or ADAT).
The same options are available for the DA-converter.

The key DIGITAL INPUT determines the digital input being used, and the clock source in case INPUT was activated before."

So there you go. A resounding YES to your inquiry. Sounds like a nice interface.
Thats great!!! THANK YOU!!

It was very nice from you.

I need to connect this interface with the DM word clock cause the DM is the master of my system and is the very core. And I should use only Tdif cause using the BCN cable would be a lenght problem.

Again, thank you TascMan!

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