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Oct 1, 2012
Edmundston, NB , Canada

I have been looking at buying a DM4800 lately.
However, it's been around quite a while now and I sort of suspected that Tascam may be replacimg it soon. And now in the last week or two, some online dealers are reporting it discontinued.

Does any one here have any idea what could be replacing it?

Whatever it is, it will be soon, I'm guessing before or at the NAMM 2013 show.

I love the feature set of the 4800, it fits my situation perfectly. The only thing that I would change would be to add a color screen. If a replacement goes in a totally different direction than the 4800, my purchase will be a 4800, new or used.

I hope this not off topic.
I went through the same thing a year ago. Certain big-time music retailers were showing the DM series as "discontinued," and I agonized over whether or not to buy the console, even though I really wanted it.

I came to this conclusion: if I buy it today, and they discontinue it tomorrow, how will this affect my use of the console? Tascam is pretty good about supporting legacy gear with software updates, and aside from the possibility that drivers for Mac OSX might eventually go away, the console would be just as usable, just as flexible, just as precisely a perfect fit for my workflow AFTER being discontinued as before. I might find myself stuck a given OSX version sometime down the road, but would that affect my work? Nope.

So I rolled the dice. That was, as I say, a year ago. It was not discontinued, and it has been the perfect choice. If they discontinue it tomorrow, that won't diminish its value to me in the least.

So if you've done your homework and are certain the DM is the right choice, go for it. You're not going to get this kind of power for the price ANYWHERE else.
I think rumors of its demise are premature. :)

Even still, isn't it a bit strange to worry about something becoming obsolete? In some ways, it could be advantageous. I mean, how many people lust over Trident desks from the last century? Can you think of at least one person who's gone into hock for a 1940s RCA ribbon? And why is it a 1960s 'Fullerton' alder plank - replete with scars, nicks and bruises - fetches 10 times what a new one costs without all that 'vibe?' :)

One thing I've noticed about obsolesence: the "improved" version might be more of an advantage for the manufacturer - being simpler and cheaper to make. ;)

Thanks for the reply, but just for the record, Capt Dan, I didn't use the word obsolete or demise, nor would I.

I have several pieces of gear that are discontinued, but not obsolete, generally high end audio gear or mics. Unfortunately for me, I have more that is obsolete, many of which are keyboards.

The DM is the best choice on the market for me now.
I just want to make sure it will still be the best choice in just two months, after NAMM. That is my deadline. IOW, I don't care if there is going to be a DM 6400 in 12 months or a DM4800 Turbo in 6 months...

When I purchase a major item, and this is major for me, I tend to take a lot of time and research all my options.

Waiting two months may mean I can buy a good condition used DM4800 for $2000, instead of buying a new unit now for $3500. That amount of money alone is major for me and worth the two months wait. Heck, if I could find one at that price now, I wouldn't even wait.

Bottom line, there are no rumours, I take it. Tascam have announced the DP32 just recently, will they announce some new digital recording mixer soon? I'm almost holding my breath...

And yes, I do have an RCA ribbon, though not a 40s unit.
It's a 77D, and I'm proud to say that I saved it from becoming a lamp. :D

Cheers, Dan
Good points, sir. And I'm envious of your 77D. :)

All I can say for sure at this point is, last year - when this users forum was in its previous incarnation - a few online retailers claimed the DM4800 was discontinued. However, a Tascam insider, and member of that forum, disputed the allegation. Accordingly, the mixer continued to be advertised by retailers.

So, it's really difficult to say what Tascam is planning right now. You might be wise to wait 'till NAMM to see if in fact the company is inveiling something new. If so, you'll be in a better position to make a decision - and for all the good reasons you state.

"captdan", I don't suppose that guy from inside Tascam is member of the new forum yet. Too bad, that is just what I was hoping and the reason of my post, i.e. that someone "in the know" was a member of the forum.

And "cmaffia", you are right, it isn't discontinued; I guess the question is more like "will it be discontinued shortly". Those retailers who still have stock would not report it discontinued unless it is officially announced as much from Tascam. But some retailers are reporting it discontinued. What this means exactly, I don't know.

The Tascam individual used the handle 'RedBus,' and no - to my knowledge, he hasn't rejoined here. I hope he does, though; his input and assistance was invaluable.

Sometimes retailers (the online variety) tend to stretch the truth a bit. Perhaps they're trying to move inventory by providing discount incentives. Or, the merchandise is back ordered, doesn't allow enough profit margin, and is taking up space other more profitable material could occupy. Maybe the manufacturer doesn't return emails or phone calls, so the retailer makes assumptions and fosters rumors accordingly.

I suppose it gets down to what a persons' priorities are, and whether waiting for the best deal is the right way to go. I got a great deal on my 3200 a few years ago, but like Gravity Jim, didn't arrive at that decision lightly. I pulled the trigger after months of comparison shopping. All in all, the DM proved to be a big upgrade from my previous rig.

All good points captdan.

I'm itching to go ahead, but I've given myself that NAMM deadline.
After that, and possibly before, I will definitely be buying something, most likely a Tascam.

Thanks for your input.
I'll keep monitoring the forum in case there is a development.

Cheers, Dan
captdan said:
The Tascam individual used the handle 'RedBus,' and no - to my knowledge, he hasn't rejoined here.
This individual is a Tascam engineer named Tom Duffy. At least that's what he stated in the old forum. Yes, it looks like he's not present here.
The DM-4800 is not discontinued. When we looked into it, it seems that someone at that (major) dealership messed up their inventory database entry for the DM, and it can't be fixed easily. Other dealers scrape the status from that dealer's website, so it spread out of control as well.

There it is.

Mr. RedBus told me the same thing a year ago when I was wringing my hands over the possibility (because Musicians Friend was showing the DM as "discontinued"). And he was right. The DM is still in production and still supported.

So, in my experience, if he says it's not discontinued, you can believe it isn't.

I've learned since that even my favorite retailers will screw u and list something as discontinued when its really just out of stock in their warehouse. For example, I just saw several models of Sontronics microphone listed as "d/c" at my fave reseller, but a glance at Sontronics' own website shows that they aren't. (I just bought one of their Sigma ribbon mics, and it is an amazing value.)
I bought my DM4800 a few months ago. With so many great features, it didn't really matter to me that a newer board would eventually be released. Considering the price (I bought mine new from a dealer in NY for $3300) it is a fantastic value!

With what Redbus is saying, now is the perfect time to jump in!!
I gave this a long and hard thought. And a coloured screen like on the Phonic Summit is quite distracting. It's great to have... But it's not something I would want now I allready have made my choices...

What I do want now is a multi touch pad. My wife now has upgraded her laptop and bought a Dell 17R laptop. And that particular laptop (and I suspect every laptop now sold new) has this bigger touchpad. And it allows multi touch. So I can easily magnify a track for editing. Wich is very handy. But other than that... Nope.

It would be cool though if the softwarepackage of the DM4800 could be extended. And it would be even viable to charge the users for it. If it would allow stuff like multitouch...

And if someone allready have seen the Raven...


I don't see myself sitting in front of such a screen for 8 hours or more...

This will help your productivity...

lol, re; the Raven. Hadn't seen that one, and that is not what I was thinking of when I said a colour screen would be nice.

+1 on multi touch, though.

Since the DM does not have VGA out, I wonder if a USB driver along with monitoring software in a computer could provide the ability of having a bigger screen and more flexible control options? I am sort of thinking out loud and without knowing; heck, I've never even seen a DM face to face, so to speak.

As far as having to pay for firmware updates, it is OK by me, as long as new functionalities are introduced. I don't believe bug fixes should be charged.

And, I forgot to thank RedBus for chiming in. He gave me the answer I needed to make my decision.

Cheers, Dan
Since the DM does not have VGA out, I wonder if a USB driver along with monitoring software in a computer could provide the ability of having a bigger screen and more flexible control options?

Yes. There's an aftermarket external monitor kit available from '2Seemy.' Costs around $250 US. Several users here have installed it and spoken highly of it. However, it's merely for having a larger monitor - either as a window on a DAW screen, or outputted to a dedicated unit.

As for control options - one of the greatest gadgets (unfortunately discontinued) is the Frontier Tranzport. For people like me who self produce, there's nothing like a wireless transport remote in the iso booth - one that also provides level meters as well.

I'm quite sure, though, new mixers and control surfaces in the next few years will most likely feature some type of virtual interface- either built in, or in conjunction with a tablet PC or iPad. This, I believe will be a boon for manufacturers as well; fewer mechanical faders, knobs and tactile surfaces. That means greater profits, more dazzling colors, and that special WOW Factor so useful at music trade shows. :cool:

I have an android tablet wich does the same thing the Tranzport does... They saw that coming hens the discontinuation.

I saw however that the new desk by Behringer/Midas is having quite alot of trouble delivering the featurestack they had in mind delivering...

As with the DM-series desks. It has been evolution... Not revolution... Well. A DM4800 with scribble scripts would be nice....

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