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Sep 30, 2012
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Sad to report this but after 2 repair trips to Tascam end of August 2012, my 4800 is dead again. This time it's a "mixer device boot failed" and I can't get past that screen. The previous repair was for a similar condition where it booted for awhile but then eventually gave up. I'm fortunate enough to be within driving distance to Montebello so I don't have to spend dollars and sweat on shipping but since the DSP board was replaced back in August I'm wondering about their parts supply. Looks like the parts are covered but labor is only 90 days though it was only $150 last time and free when it was discovered they hadn't seated a ribbon well. Also fortunately I still have my backup 3200 which has never failed...though its been offline a couple of years. It's seems an expensive backup plan but so is insurance and the 3200 is paid for and amortized. So it's pop out the FW, Surround cards, MU1k and slot em in the 3200 then lug the 4800 down to Montebello again. Last time I asked them to burn in the new parts for 10 days or so...probly do the same this time esp since I won't have time until later Feb to get back down for a pickup. I don't like the UPS option since its a hulk that gets banged around...rather do the the drive, don't even have to box it, since it fits nicely in the back of my Chevy HHR.

Sorry to hear the failiure. Great to hear you have a backup strategy. Everybody, who seems depend on their digital mixer should have a backup plan. All things electronics can fail....

It's awesome you are in driving distance from Montebello. Amazing... Well, they'll fix her up for you I'm sure. Keep us posted...
I got my DM4800 back yesterday and so far so good. FTR they had to replace the same Main board that wash replaced last August. Part #E95310600B PCB ASSY MAIN DM-3200. They covered it no charge, which I appreciate since there could have been a labor charge. I'm just out time and gas money, considerable in SoCal @ +$4.00 per gallon, I know that's still cheaper than you folks in the EU pay but high in the US. I had some time in my schedule open up yesterday, so that worked out well. Just hope this beast settles down now. My spare 3200 is several years older and just chugs along. I'm fortunate to be able to afford keeping it as a spare since downtime is not an option. It is great how interchangeable the option cards and meter bridge are. The swap only takes about 30 minutes.
Hope your DM stays good now! And if it makes you feel any better: here in Holland we pay around $9 per gallon.. :shock:
And it's back at Tascam service. This time I think it took out my IF/SM card. DM3200 is back online while they try to suss out why my 4800 is having issues again. This time it's a bit more annoying since I had to set up another option for Surround monitor. used my old Digi 003 rack and cable direct to my BlueSky Mediadesk 5.1 which has its own volume control box. I also notice that PT 10/ Mountain Lion is only able to see one bank of 8 faders where it used to see 2. Interesting since the 4800 sees 3 predefined ports. Something got scrambled somewhere. Fwiw I'm current on Tascam drivers and TMC.
Well - again - sorry to hear about this, but glad for your trusty 3200 being able to pick up the slack. I must say, you're handling this pretty well, with likely some stiff deadlines from your show in the balance.

I could say something stupid like: 'that's why you get the big bucks.' But I'll just keep my fingers crossed that your 4800 is back online and shipshape soon. :)

Appreciate the commiseration Capt. I 'm trying to take the high road and not add to my stress level, as we build and mix our last 4 episodes of our season 4. I guess I make at least enough to keep my 3200 around as a spare...cheaper than rental insurance and way more convenient since it just next door in its box in the garage. heck I can even lift it myself. Can't do that with a 4800...that's def a 2 man op.
Hi Good Afternoon TonePad. I know it has been a while. But curious to know if you were ever able to get this situation resolved with your DM-4800? I am experiencing the same issue with my unit and I am about to ship it to service in Montebello. Error msg: "Mixer Device Boot Failed(FPGA)". Just want to see if it is worth my time or should I look to buy a new mixer. Thanks!
Try lifting the front of the console 4 inches high and dropping it
Hi Good Evening Cmaffia. Have you ran into this issue before? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Does this happen on every boot? Is the DM dead? If so you're goi g to need servicing more then likely.
Yeah. Unfortunately it does. Every now and then it will boot fine. Here in the last 6 months 90% of the time it displays this error on the screen. I thought it may have been the fire wire card so I removed it from the bay. But still no luck. I also tried booting into diagnostic mode. But no luck there either. Have you had any interaction with the service center in Montebello? If so. Are they pretty reliable? Thanks
The capacitors in the powersection may have failed. Or are failing.
From the service manual this error appears to be related to memory read/write errors on the Mainboard. If I'm correct it will require a replacement or repair of PCB. I'd call Tascam HQ service repair to confirm and then either have them take a look at it or find a closer service center.
Yeah that's what I was guessing as well. I called support and was going to try and replace the mainboard myself but figured it's probably best to leave it to the professionals on this one. Thanks all I really appreciate your advice on this.
Just a follow up on the status. CMaffia looks like you were right. I took a gamble and ordered the PCB Main Board from tascam and installed it myself today. So far so good! It's running along with no issues. Feels good to have it back. Thanks once again for all the help
Glad to see that you sorted things out @TonyMark
Congratulations! Feels good fixing something like that by yourself right?
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