DM4800 GREMLINS!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 4, 2012
Casper, Wyoming
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I've had it! ENOUGH! Here's what's DM4800 is used as a live mixer in a church. The console changes things to whatever it wants, with NO commands from me.

Example....I take the Low EQ for channel 1 (KICK) and brint it to 55Hz...I boost it to 5 db............a few seconds later....the dial goes to -18db ! I reset it to goes back to -18....which is not what it was when turned on even.....

Same with a fader now......My AUX 1 fader goes down to OFF by itself......I bruing it back up to slides down to OFF by itself.....WHAT THE HELL!

Some of the PANs even do what they want.

Anyone seen this? NOTHING is hooked up to the transport. AUTOMATION is OFF.

Do I need to put new software in it? Is it a known bug?


Is there a way to totally factory reboot it? I would be willing to totally reconfigure the darn mixer if it would cure this.

How's the power quality in your location? Or, maybe more important, grounding quality? Bad grounding could account for strange things happening in digital equipment due to static buildup. Relative humidity can also play a big role in this respect. BTW, did this just start happening or was something changed in your setup?
Good points. Excellent a Monster Power PM3500 conditioner runs EVERYTHING. The board is covered with a heavy fabric when not in use. Static electricity could be an issue. Interesting. Nothing has been added or changed in this set up. a Presonus FireStudio gets signal (ANALOG) from the DM4800, and is the only thing that is told to "play" and has a transport function, but again, it is not digitally connected to the DM.

That brings up another issue.........I have 2 TASCAM CD burners, that do not get signal from the SPDIF connections from the DM....I have tried to connect them that way to save analog I/O's......they just do not receive signal. (Yes, I did make the outputs of the DM 44.1)

This mixer is making me very unhappy.
I have had this probem also. It happened from time to time and the solution I have found is to turn the encoders of the EQ section on the fat channel. In my case it is the "low" level encoder. It stops immediately.
I don't know how the encoders works but they probably need cleaning... somebody, a hint about this ?
If your EQ changes not only on one channel your fat channel PCB could be faulty or the connectors (have you tried to push all the connectors into place ?)
I had a problem where one of my channels would pan hard left for no reason and I never ever ever used automation on the board (just the DAW) and it was turned off as well. no matter what I did it would happen for all projects. I went to the automation screen and cleared all automation and the problem never came back. Not saying yours is the same problem or perhaps it is? Have you tried this? Worth a shot.

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