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Jul 12, 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm new in this forum as i just got a DM 4800.
Hope anyone can help me out with this. I just set up the control over Logic.
Everything seem to work fine except the fact that when i try to change banks to control he next faders on Logic, it moves up only 4 more channels. So 1-24 change to 5-28 and stops there. Not sure what i did wrong in the setup but i have about 60 channels on logic mixer and need to be able to swap between them and control all faders. Help anyone?

Many thanks
You need to set up THREE HUI extensions in the DM4800's Remote/HUI menu.
Once that's done you should be able to scroll sideways to display all the virtual mixer banks.

They should look like this:


Thanks for the reply Captdan. So i shouldent set up as mackie control?
All the documents i read showed Logic setup with Mackie..
Yes, use the Mackie protocol. But you need to set up 2 Mackie controllers PLUS an additional one for the 17-24 bank. It's possible you've been reading the Logic instructions for setting up a DM3200 which only requires 2 Mackie selections, because the 3200 is limited to 16 visible banks at a time.

Just a head's up: I don't use either a 4800 or Logic. But I know for sure the DM4800 requires 3 extensions - either HUI or Mackie - to utilize 24 bank continuous switching.

I did that from the beginning. I got the hole thing working with 24 faders. But i'm trying to skip banks to the next 24. (25-48) (49-72) All i can control is the first 24 faders. I need to be able to control the rest of my mixes.
So are you saying the "Bank" button with the left and right arrow buttons on the right side of the board is NOT responding?
Yes jamsire. Well it's really weird. I'm sure it's in logic setup. I loaded a session i had and the bank works but only up to 3 channels. i mean, When i press the bank forward it will swap 3 channels up but thats it (There are much more channels in the mixer) same goes for back. It goes 3 channels back. Now thats one session i had. So i tried to make a new session. It has about 60 channels on there and on this session it doesn't swap at all. I'm really confused and frustrated. Please help. I already read everything i found on the internet and nothing. Also called Tascam. The guy just told me "I don't know" 8/
The CTRL key doesnt do that in logic it has a deferent purpose CaptDan.
Fixed it! It was so stupid. Just had to trash Logic's preferences and it all good now. :)
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That seems to be such a common theme with DAW's. Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools, Logic, Ableton, Sonar and many more I'm sure. As routine procedure, just trash the Prefs anytime you update, add or change anything in the DAW.

Perhaps we could make use of a Tips & Tricks Sticky for stuff like this?
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I never trash anything on my PC. Macs drive me nuts at school.
I no longer see the advantage of owning a Mac. In the last 10 years Microsoft and Intel based motherboard vendors have closed the gap on many PC related issues. One could argue that the they are equal now....except Macs are triple the price. 10-15 years ago they had an advantage over the PC architecture in both stability and music software.... but now? Also, whenever I visit this site or the Steinberg site, it appears that many of the compatibility and performances issues have been coming from the Apple camp lately. I know my opinion is going to piss off some Mac loyalists lol sorry it's just my "editorial" :). I simply no longer see the justification of their over inflated prices which used to be justified when they were miles ahead of the PC in every way (and made in the US). Android Tablet price versus iPad price? Same thing there! Unless Apple gets innovative again, I see them pricing themselves out of business. Let's be honest, in terms of vision, their success today is due to whatever breadcrumbs Steve Jobs left behind. Maybe that's why Yosemite was all they had to offer this year. There's only one reason why I like a market with Apple in it, consumer choice.
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That seems to be such a common theme with DAW's. Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools, Logic, Ableton, Sonar and many more I'm sure. As routine procedure, just trash the Prefs anytime you update, add or change anything in the DAW.

Perhaps we could make use of a Tips & Tricks Sticky for stuff like this?

For Cubase there is a safe mode that temporarily bypasses the preferences and is less destructive.

Launch Cubase and hold down CNTRL+SHIFT+ALT key
I'm in the esteemed Cmaffia & Jamsire camp; whatever advantage 'Pomegranate' may've offered a decade ago is up for serious debate today. That's not to say Mikro$oft is perfect, but in the big scheme of things, arguably a better value - ALL things being equal.

I've known a lot of worshipers at the Temple Of Le Pomme; they're almost cult-like in their devotion. No - they ARE cult-like in their devotion. Blinded by bling, enthused by attractive designs and trappings, they stand in LONG lines, waiting to be granted a moment of orgasmic fondling - or rather - blessed with the opportunity to purchase a $600 pocket communicator featuring a beguiling image of red fruit. Or maybe it's white or silver. I forget.

But back to the Mac vs: PC controversy: they ain't one. Not anymore. Those who enjoy taking a bite out of fresh seed delivery systems may do so, while at the same time, employing Redmond Washington's latest issue. What is it? Basic Training? Boots on the ground? Something along those lines. Pretty slick. But no slicker than suffering the slings and arrows of viruses and worms, courtesy of some sicko (or maybe an enterprising Norton sycophant) with a proper Win/PC/cheapo box rigged out for the occasion.

Okay. Now that I've pissed off all the Mac_folk, (and maybe a PC user or two) I shall don my flame retardant jacket and try to dodge the bullets.

Oh - did I mention I like the iPod and its larger 'padded' sister? Yes. I do. See? I'm not ALL bad. :)

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I do love my iPhone though LOL and I am fearful of Windows 8 because I do not like that direction at all. If Windows 8 is the future I might be forced to the Apple camp and I can't afford that bling!!
Whatever floats your boat. Speaking of which, boat ownership is similar to owning a project studio. Here are some worn (and edited) nautical metaphors which apply to recording gear:

- 'Two happiest days in a sailor's life: the day he sells his boat and the next when he buys a bigger one.'

- 'Boat Buck' - equivalent to $1000 US.'

- 'Boats are holes in the water you throw money into.' -( say those who spend the same amount in taverns bitching about boats. :geek:)

- 'Money can't buy happiness, but it'll purchase a boat big enough to sail up to it!" - (David Lee Roth)

I suppose I need to fly the 'Thread Highjack' banner here. :X3:

"You're gonna need a bigger boat" - Chief Brody

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