DM4800-Remote read wrong channels


Oct 13, 2013
Gear owned
DM 4800
First i would like to say HI to all of you and thanks for useful answers ive found here, im new on this forum and new to DM4800. I have to say than i have a hard time with this beast but im getting there :cool: . I have had read all topics on this forum and almost everything on net about DM4800. Im working with C6-7 and Logic 9 as i need. Im slowly getting desk under control but i came across one problem i can't sort out. In L9 is everything work as should be but in C6 remote mode desk is starting read channel 1-8 from DAW on channel 17-24 on desk and 9-16 is reading on 9-16 and 17-24 on 1-8. I am really lost here. I know than will be something simple but i cant figure it out where to look. :idea: Im on Mac with Snow Leopard.

PS: sorry for my English is not my native language
Thanks for advice before i had set
M Control - as Remote port 1 (now3) ch 1-8
M Control 2 - as Remote port 2 ch 9-16
M Control 3 - as Remote port 3 (now1) ch 17-24
And now it work Ch1 Desk- Ch1 DAW but its doesnt make sence to me . Ive ¨midi monitor¨ running to control what is going on and ch1-8 on desk is sending midi form Remote Port 1 but in Cubase is set to port 3 !!! :confused: What i missing ? :?:

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