DM4800 slower after a power cut


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Jun 13, 2013
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My DM4800 is now slower after a power cut caused a surge, what should I do? :?:
What do you mean by 'slower?' Are the faders acting 'lazy?' The menus hanging up? When you switch layers, does it take longer than usual? Please be specific.

It's possible you may have to do a factory reset. But before you do, perform a proper power down and reboot. See if that helps.

Thanks CaptDan
The menus are taking longer and when I switch layers as well. I have done a factory reset, but it's still slow
Have you tried loading different files to see if anything changes?

You mentioned having a CF card problem in another post; could be a corrupted file is causing both problems.

Yes it could be a corrupted file as you asy Captdan.
Try this : boot without card, load a preset scene, format a new compactflash card.
If your DM comes back to its normal speed, copy the projects you need from the old CF card to the new one on your computer.
Take the power off. Unplug from any power. Let it sit for a few hours.... Then boot up. The capacitors need to unload. Then power up. And see what it does. A faulty memory chip can occur too. As overvoltage may have occurred before the powerdip.
ivverah said:
What files can I load ? :?:
Library 'scenes' > preset at te bottom right corner > any preset you want...

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