DM4800 'to slate & 'to studio' question


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Feb 2, 2013
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Dear All,

Can anyone tell me if the talkback 'to slate' & 'to studio' can be individually assigned an output bus in the osc/com menu?

I need to replace the 'to slate' button as it's detached from the desk. I'm hoping to use the 'to studio' option in the short-term and route to the same busses, however this does not seem to output in the same manner as the 'to slate'. Does the 'to studio' output signal only to the TRS 'studio' jacks on the rear of the desk?

The manual gives no indication.

Best wishes,
As written in the lable "TO STUDIO" sends talkback olny to STUDIO outputs. There's no way to change this. And yes ... it's in the manual ... well, kind of ...:
in the Block Diagram. As I've always said: the most important page of your mixing console's manual is the Block Diagram.

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