Do you believe in UFO?



Hello to all!

Do you believe in UFO?
(In UFO I mean extraterrestrials)

I hope for serious answers, it's need for social project

Thank you all.
Extraterrestial life? Yes I believe in it. Let me quote one greate movie: "The universe is a pretty big place. It's bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it's just us... seems like an awful waste of space. Right?"

UFOs? Those strange spottings of flying obstacles? Yes I believe in them, too. They all can't be just people's imagination.

Connection between them? NO WAY! If anyone has technology for interstellar travelling, they absolutely have stealth technology to hide themselves from us. So they won't be spotted accidentally. And while they have not actively making contact with us it leaves 2 options:
1. they have not been here
2. they have, but we have not spotted them
which leads to:
3.UFOs are not extraterrestial life forms.
or ufo aren't here because humanity its too much donk....
There seem te be some bacterias on Mars. If this is confirmed. Then we can only believe this to be true.

The Inca's and Maya's may well be the first to have had contact. There has been investigation in this area.
Muziekschuur said:
The Inca's and Maya's may well be the first to have had contact.
Unfortunately we'll never know The Truth. Those same Little Green Men will come and destroy The Earth in Dec 21:st 2012 :LOL:
Lot of those come out of my nose. They allways look scary and there are a lot of them. So it must be true.... right? :LOL:
Well, I think we have more than enough terrestrials as it is.
I do not see any need for extra terrestrials, so I hope they leave us alone.

Jarno said:
Muziekschuur said:
The Inca's and Maya's may well be the first to have had contact.
Unfortunately we'll never know The Truth. Those same Little Green Men will come and destroy The Earth in Dec 21:st 2012 :LOL:

... guess not. ;)

There is unequivocal proof not only of visitations, but of the malevolent intentions of said visitors. I believe that this link should satisfy any skeptics amongst us in short order:

It has also been shown that evidence was discovered during a top secret experimental mission to the moon that predates the Apollo missions by several years.
(This was not a manned mission, however a test animal did survive the trip.)
This information was never disclosed officially to the public, but the link below should remove any doubt . . . . .


If it is not apparent, my posts in this thread were a spoof.
The above links have gone dead, sapping the above of any remote chance of humor, I suppose.
Both links were to WB Looney Tunes cartoons . . . "The Hasty Hare" (1951) and "Haredevil Hare" (1948) . . . both featuring Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian.

As of this date (Sept. 4 2013), these links below work, and in my highly enlightened Yoda-like ass-toot opinion, well worth the time . . . I beseech thee, for the sake of all humankind, watch these cartoons . . . . you can thank me profusely later . . . .

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Well, the silence IS a bit deafening . . . I hope y'all don't think I am loony tunes for my posts on this thread . . . . hoping nothing I said bugs anyone inordinately . . . but you won't know for sure if you don't check out the links in my post on the previous page . . . .

Peace and Pizza

To the multitudes following this essential thread . . . . .
Please note critical edit/footnote on my last post on the previous page.

Live long and Prosper/Make Lunch, Not War

That was an important edit, thanks!

And eh, don't panic and always know where your towel is.
Arjan P . . . .
Proving once again that contrary to the words of Jimi Hendrix:
"There ain't no life nowhere" (I Don't Live Today)
. . . that there is in fact life on this planet.

A factoid not lost, I trust, on Marvin the Martian . . .


Well I'm a little ashamed to say it but what the hell,,,

As a 10 year old child (1970) coming home from school I watched a UFO come over the top of a 3 story house , I could see the belly .I was almost directly underneath it when it passed over ( about 30-40 metres high over the ground. it was moving about 15-20 km/hr I could just about pace it with my bicycle.. It was matte black and no reflection and no sound .. about 10-17 metres in diameter and no markings The belly had a circular mesh disk in the middle about 1/3 the diameter of the craft. There were also what looked like 3 balls equally spaced apart between the rim of the craft and the mesh disk on the bottom.. There were no windows or lights. I did not actually understand what I was seeing at the time .. to me it was just a new type of aircraft. I actually waved at it ..! When I think back to the event I thought if I could reach up and push it ,it would go forever.

At that time I had no knowledge of UFO's did not read science fiction and most of the comic books I read were mickey mouse and Donald duck...

Many years later I am still be haunted by the event (20+) I researched it and there were reports of a UFO which had apparently landed about 30 minutes from where I lived ... There was a depression in the ground 10 metres in diameter ... There was a second report several hours later that put the UFO to the south east. If I put a line between the 2 places it was reported the object was right inline to where I saw It...

I have never forgotten this event and remember it plain as day .. I can close my eyes and recall everything I saw..

I work in aviation, have a pilots license and work with various military aircraft .. I have not seen anything similar since...The incident has haunted me for years...The town I was in was isolated in northern Canada with a population of about 15000 people between 3 communities.

It was a life altering experience........
Thanks for posting. Awesome tale, and eminently credible.
It is the rare story like yours that keeps the question alive, not the kidders like me and the fictional accounts . . . because IMO your post indicates the principal expressed by the euphemism:

"Under that big pile of horses***, there must be a pony . . . "

Just to avoid any misunderstanding, my take on that is that there is often in fact a grain of truth in that which may well be overwhelmingly fiction or myth . . . . hence, the myth persists, sustained not only on wishful thinking and our need for fantasy but by that bit which is based on fact, as well . . . .
Once I too saw an aerial phenomenon that could not be explained, but not nearly as spectacular as the post above.
In the company of two friends, one summer night prior to 1970 at a house once reputed to have been occupied by a band known as Yogi Phlegm (aka Sons of Champlin) not far from the Russian River in Northern California, we stepped out on the deck to gaze at the stars, and the three of us all saw the same thing . . . little distinct pinpoints of light like stars, but clearly moving and making multiple right angle turns and angular maneuvers impossible by any known aircraft or space craft. There were a few of these objects/lights, and this went on for a few minutes . . .

Well... I've come to terms with what I saw, and I can accept that it may have not been of this world, Down through the history of all cultures they have their "spirits" Sprites, Goblins, Elves and various other folklore. Perhaps there is truth to those "alien stories" after all. Whatever I saw must have had the most exotic propulsion system ever designed. My Family also experienced a UFO Event after coming home from holidays back in 2008. Not a light in the sky but a fully blown object in the air which we paced in the car. The UFO was also seen on the East cost of Canada about 5 days later and the person who reported it sent a sketch to a UFO reporting group and it was the exact same object we saw. Pretty much spot on..

Anyhow, inter-planetary or inter-dimensional who knows but we'd be a pretty sad race to assume 'We're it" in the vastness of space..

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