Does anybody sync a Tascam 48 with a Tascam 238?


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Nov 8, 2014
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Tascam 48
I was wondering if a Tascam 48 can be synced with a Tascam 238. I suspect it could be done with the mythical Midiizer, but I've never actually seen one of those. Can it be done with a Timeline Micro Lynx? Adams Smith Zeta Three? Some other box?

Also, am I missing out on syncing my Tascam 48 to my DAW? I don't quite understand why this is done. Why not just use all 8 tracks, dump them to the DAW with high quality converters, finish your tracking difitally, then mix down either in or outside the DAW? I warn you, I am as sophisticated as cro-magnon man when it comes to this stuff.

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