Does the DM4800 have limitations when running at 96k?

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    I've posted several threads about a problem I'm having with an AES card. Most simply put, I am trying to run 3 AES expansion cards at 96k. Cards one and two work perfectly fine. Card number three in slot 3 or 4 will only work on 4 of 8 channels and that's with some odd requirements. All this is making me think that the DM4800 can't run more than 2 cards at 96k. For years I used a Firewire card and 2 AES cards in slots 2 and 3 without any issues. I did all this at 96k.

    I have tried using cards from slot 3 in the slot 1 position and it works fine. I've tried swapping AES cables and the cables all work as expected. I have also swapped in a replacement backplane card for slots 3 and 4 - PCB Mother DM48 G. I thought I had solved this problem but my testing was flawed.

    I have reseated all the cables related to slot 3 and 4 on both ends. I've run the diagnostic tests. Everything about my mixer seems to work as expected except getting 8 channels of AES out of a 3rd AES card. I'd consider replacing or augmenting my DM4800 with a second unit if I knew there was something wrong with mine. I also have a DM3200 to use for parts if needed. Seems tragic as it works perfectly.