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Oct 24, 2012
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Hey there,

Just picked this up.

My problem is probably really easy and I must have missed something, but when trying to master record my track by going to 'recorder mode' > 'master rec' > then pressing playback and holding record, i get the message 'not stopped'.

It's really bugging me and I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I'm simply following the manual guide. Any help?

Have you look at the manual page 79 messages?

Regards Peter
Hi Peter,

Yes, I have. It doesn't hold any relevence though on this particular occasion as I am following instructions on page 48 of the manual where it says:

"Press the playback ( |> ) key while pressing and holding the record ( 0 ) key to start master recording."
Ah, problem solved. I set the 'in' point to zero and it let me record it from then.
I have the Tascam dp-008 and am attempting to master my first song. My track start at 35 minutes but every time I try to master, it defaults back to I now this is stated in the manual.

The question is, do I have to set to zero and if so how. It' s driving me crackers!! Does anyone have any practical help please?

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