DP-008EX problems transferring tracks to computer


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Nov 26, 2014
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I just got a new DP-008EX and am having trouble transferring tracks to my computer.
Do I need to backup to the FAT partition before trying to export a track in WAV format?
Also, when I am in the export track screen only 3 items show up, but there are 15 items in my main recording partition (all audio tracks).
I do not own one but I have a chance to use one last week. You do not need to back up the unit before hand. If you want the tracks to transfer to your computer you need to export the tracks.

Menu, import/export select export track, use F4 to select each track (tracks must have a file name), press F2 then F4 if there is enough FAT free space, Duplicate Name F3 (Yes) F4 (No), I selected F4 (No). It creates the WAVE files and can take a while to do. Turn it off and connect it to a computer. Turn it on and get your tracks from the WAVE folder. Be sure to clear the tracks out as it will just stack tracks in there and fill up.

I hope someone else will post as I only did this for three songs of my friends so if I am not remembering correctly then I hope someone who has been around will grace this with a presence and reply.
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Thanks for responding to my question. I do appreciate it.

I may have figured out the issue I was having. The booklet refers to songs and tracks, and I'm seeing that the number of tracks in a song is what I'm choosing when I check the numbered list in the export pane.

So I load the song I want to export, then choose the number of tracks the song has, name and export.

Not well explained for someone without recording experience.
That's it. You got it. And sorry I had assumed that the song was loaded.
Enjoy your new Tascam.
Thanks, the instructions don't say load the song, but I guess it is a no brainer if you understand how the thing works.

I really wish they displayed the song name in the home screen when you're working so you know you're on the song that you think you're working on.
Here's the best YouTube video (to date) to learn how to use your DP-008EX: He shows you how to get from nowhere to multi-track recording, to mixed down recording, to mastered file. The mastered file is the WAV file in the FAT partition of your SD card that is what can be transferred to your computer. It is also the are where you can import WAV files with the correct set of specs to be usable on the DP-008EX

Great video- followed STEP BY STEP and got to 'No Master Track' after mixing etc, etc. STILL can't export a track.(sad...)
I gave up and reformatted the sd card. This is one cumbersome piece of equipment.
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