DP-03 - Having SD card trouble

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    Nov 2019
    Hey all,

    I have a Tascam DP-03 that I've been recording some projects on with a 15GB sd card. After my last (rather long) session, I tried to Export the tracks from the tascam to the sd card, and I got the message that the card was full. So, I opened up a few other throwaway projects on the Tascam and Deleted the Songs/Projects. Tried again, and got the same message.

    So, I connect the DP-03 via USB to my laptop (using a mac) and after creaating a backup folder, open up the WAVE folder and delete the older files I had on there. It is here I think I may have made a mistake: I didn't properly eject the Dp-03 from USB so now while it appears I have nothing on this SD card except the project I need, I am still getting a "Card Full" message when I try to export the project to my SD card.

    Do I just need to format the sd card? or Partition? Honestly, not sure of the difference between those two and I am very worried I will lose my current project on the tascam.

    Ps. My apologies if this Q has been asked before, I've been using the same DP-03 for about 10 years and never encountered this problem! Great machine ;)