DP-24: Consolidating overdub files with original files issue


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Oct 14, 2014
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tascam dp-24

There currently does not seem to be a way to consolidate overdub files and the original related file without doing a bounce to a separate track which then creates a composite file.

If I've done several overdubs and want to move the track files from the Tascam machine to a DAW to do mixing or more detailed editing, the original track file and the overdub files are separate.

Any ideas other than bouncing? I think this is something that Tascam should address with a new feature.

I've never done that but I have done many work arounds... Since the original and dub files are separate, are you able export them to the FAT drive? That way you will have the two separate files. Import them to the DAW as separate tracks (make sure to have a spare copy of each). You can combine the tracks as one track in the DAW program I would think. That way you will still have the original wave files of each if you needed them.
I'm not sure how you could combine the original and the overdub track in the DAW other than to find the exact starting point where the overdub begins and then insert it there. That would be too time-consuming, especially if multiple overdubs were done to a track. Combining by bouncing in the DP-24 is the only way I can see doing it for now.
I now have the answer to my own question:
I was using the Music folder to get my files and should have just exported the tracks to the AudioDepot folder. When you export a track to the AudioDepot folder, the overdubs (if any) get combined/consolidated in the file. If you make any changes to the track again, you will need to export it again to get the additional changes. Easy.
I read that last night in the manual

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