DP-24 - Input routing to stereo bus problem


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Apr 24, 2013
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DP-24 244

I’m having an issue that I wonder if anyone has encountered, or can solve?
When routing an external stereo source to the stereo bus, like synced PC virtual instrument or FX return, say G/H->STEREO, it comes in MONO. If I route to a stereo track like G/H->23/24, all stereo and how I want it.

Maybe there’s some extra grouping I need to do here, but I can’t see anything in the manual, and I can’t see anything specifically already posted about this. Any advice would be appreciated.

Do you need to pan the input sounds before they reach the stereo bus? Tracks 23/24 would be doing this.

Hi Zeekle,

That appears to be the problem. I didn’t realise that you could access the mixer controls from the inputs A-H directly. I feel a little dumb, but we all have our blind spots I suppose. ;-)

Thanks for the help!
This is off topic, but i can't find any posts on the DP-24, so, maybe the moderator can put it where it might be seen.... so.....

This is my first post, so I beg forgiveness from the word go re: my ignorance of certain technical issues.

I'm hoping someone will help me on the steps on the burning of tracks to CD w/ my new DP-24 I've had a week. Recorded a test song w/ 6 tracks of drums I need to mixdown, master, and burn to disc to

load into computer, or via USB port, whatever is best. AS I UNDERSTAND IT. There was a rather difficult "learning curve" to using/understanding the VF160s, and I'm hoping I can alleviate some difficulties

w/ learning yet another machine, and I've used 'em all, it seems...

I use a Pro Tools system from Sweetwater for mixing mostly, occasionally recording in to Pro Tools directly. I find DAWs more musical. I have a couple of Fostex VF160s I use, then transfer the tracks, isolated

w/ a sync mark (like a movie "slate") to Pro Tools 8. I love the Fostex' varispeed feature and the way it's laid out. However, one can only record 2 tracks at a time. And are limited to 16 tracks. So I bought a

Tascam DP-24 mainly to have the ability to record 6 tracks of drums at once, to be loaded into PT eventually. I've had it a week. It sounds good on the acoustic guitar test things I've done...but it's drums and

transferring wav files to the computer that I'm mostly concerned about...

It seems to me all I have to do, with the way I've recorded the drums, on 6 tracks on the DP-24, is do three stereo mixes, all tracks flat w/ no fx:

Mix 1. Left: OHL/Right: OHR
Mix 2. Left: Snare/Right: kick
Mix 3. Left: rack tom/Right: floor tom

I just can't figure out how to burn these to CD...or "master" as they call it. Even w/ the manual in front of me. The manual is a bit opaque and I don't want to have to spend 40 dollars on something they should

have given me if it's that's difficult to use... I saw Amazon is selling a 26 dollar DVD "guide"... [I can't begin to tell you how difficult the manuals for the VF160s were to understand...had to make myself flash


I know there's people here who can tell me in simple terms, step by step, what I have to do to do what I said above. I hope this makes sense! Sorry again, for the screed!

Thank you for your time and consideration and help...

Rick Harper

I dont have a DP24 but think you might be approaching this the wrong way. If you have recorded 6 drum tracks you will have created 6 wav files - you could just transfer these wav files via a USB connection to your PC - pages 80-83 in the manual
I cannot see anything about writing data to CD's which is odd - I would have thought you could write wav files to CD for transfering....


BTW - impressive history - I had a good read of your web page. I wish I had done a lot more with my music.
OK...I was under the impression you have to do a "mixdown" of your tracks to disc before you can transfer to computer. It'd be fanstastic if all you gotta do is record and transfer the files via USB. I'm writing wav format in Pro Tools, anyway. I'll have to do some more reading....I mean if worst came to worst I'd load the the tracks into computer via the analogue inputs and sync 'em up! Thanks for answering and thanks for looking at webpage; folks rarely do these days. I'll check out manual pp 80-83. Regards.

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