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Jan 6, 2015
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Just got dp-24(with cd burner). I want to assign 1-24 to source A but it is linking 1 & 13/14 when armed. I used the Neo before this and seemed easier in this respect. Trying to just arm track 1. And then track 2 the next time. I'm sure I'm not doing something right
Go to the assignment button and make the on screen selection what track (s) are assigned to the source track
ok, I think I did that correctly, but let me know. I assigned all tracks to Source "A". It seems to be linking the stereo tracks with the mono tracks when I arm #1(for example: track#1 and #13/14 or track#2 with #15/16 or track#3 with #17/18 and so forth).
Those 13/14, 15/16, 17/18, 19/20, 21/22, 23/14 are locked together so there is no separation when they are assigned by a source track (A-H) for example A would be assigned to both 13/14, etc and they cannot be separated, but on mixing you can use one of the pair 13/14, etc ; 1-12 are single tracks. To me it a drag you can't separate those 13/14, parings. If someone knows you can separate those parings 13/14, 15/16; I would want to know.
Dennis, see what you are saying, however I'm not trying to unlink 13/14 or 15/16 from each other. -------13/14 becomes armed when I go to arm track #1.---- 15/16 becomes armed when I arm #2 and so on. That continues that way until track #7 and #8, which are able to be armed by themselves. I've been using Tascams since 1988 so I've been pretty familiar with the system. Starting to wonder if this a malfunction of the unit, although everything else seems to be in working order. I'm almost positive it's just a matter of changing a global setting somehow, but that option doesn't seem to exist with thee new units.

1 = 13/14
2 = 15/16
3 = 17/18 ----------when armed only
4 = 19/20
5 = 21/22
6 = 23/24

Also have a new problem. I assigned only 13/14 and I can't arm it. So I tried 15/16. Same problem. Defect?
Eric, Last shot: when you are on the assign screen, select ALL CLEAR (F2 button) that should reset and clear all tracks assigned, if its all clear then proceed with your goal for assigning tracks. If ALL CLEAR fails, then get on the TASCAM support, if Tascam fails, then return the DP24 for another one.

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